How to check Genshin Impact banner history to count character and weapon banner pity: A beginner's guide

Checking pity in Genshin Impact can be very useful (Image via Genshin Impact)
Checking pity in Genshin Impact can be very useful (Image via Genshin Impact)
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Genshin Impact has systems in place to make sure players can get their desired characters, and the pity system is very easy to keep track of. Counting pity in Genshin Impact can help guarantee a 5-star character and save tons of Primogems.

Making sure to keep track of pity can help any player out, even the most casual ones, so learning how to do it is very helpful. Players can learn how to keep track of their pity here, on both the character and weapon banner.

Genshin Impact: How to count pity

Counting pity in Genshin Impact is a simple task, as once players begin wishing for characters, their pity begins to build. Pity is a system in the game that determines how far away a player is from a 5-star character or weapon summon, and once it reaches a certain cap, they are guaranteed that 5-star. For a limited character banner, the cap on pity is 90 wishes. For the weapon banner, the cap is 80 wishes.

Was checking my wish history in genshin .. and wow kazuha is truly my most miraculous pull after hutao .. 4 rolls after keqing 🤣

To count pity, all you'll need to do is head to the Wish page in Genshin Impact and click the History button. This will bring up a page of Wish History, starting from the six most recent wishes and leading back to the last recorded one. These wishes disappear after a certain amount of time, so determining when your last 5-star wish was is important to help keep track.

Each page holds six wishes, so you can count in sixes until you reach the five star. This means that if your last 5-star character was at the end of page six, you have 30 pity built up.

(Genshin Impact, Wish History)Looks like the data on the Wish History tab for banners, now only goes back one month?I noticed this while playing earlier today, didn’t know what it was aboutChecking the subreddit, I immediately saw a *lot* of posts about it.

One should make sure to check on pity often as every so often the history is wiped, and you won't be able to scroll back any longer. This isn't an issue if you actively wish, but if you take long breaks from the game or save up for a character, you may lose track of your pity if you don't make sure to keep count.

The pity system works the same for both the Weapon banner and the Character banner, though the hard pity cap is ten less for weapons.

Why counting pity is important

Seeing this makes me so happy and it’s not even enough to reach soft pity but idc I’m proud

Keeping track of pity can help players know how many Primogems they will need to hit their next 5-star summon. This can be used as a buffer to spend on other banners, or to have a safe guaranteed summon when a character or weapon you want is released.

This can also play soft-pity, which is a system that takes effect around 70 wishes, and can greatly increase the chance of summoning a character. Knowing that you are around soft pity can allow for single wishes to be spent, saving Primogems and raising the odds of getting that precious character or weapon.

Genshin Impact's pity system is something that players have to manage wisely if they intend on getting all the summons they want.

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