How to complete An Ancient Race in Sable

Search the desert for An Ancient Race (Image via Shedworks)
Search the desert for An Ancient Race (Image via Shedworks)

One of the most mysterious quests in Sable is An Ancient Race which involves moving all around the map and piecing together an ancient puzzle. Unlike many other quests, the description is vague, and there won't be a marker that easily tells Sable where to go.

As players travel around the in-game world, they may come across a structure with a roof that appears to be floating. Around that structure, there will be four rings partially buried in the sand. One of these points of interest will need to be completed to start An Ancient Race.

Some users may remember that in the Ibex Camp valley, they are sent to drive their bikes through a ring. When they do so, the ring will light up with a bright blue.

The same concept applies to the structures described above, and gamers will need to drive their bikes through all four rings to complete the area.

Place the Hicaric Rings at a shrine (Image via Shedworks)
Place the Hicaric Rings at a shrine (Image via Shedworks)

When all four are driven through, a quick cutscene starts, and the bottom structure's part rises out of the ground and links to the roof. That will then allow them to go inside and continue An Ancient Race.

Inside the structures, players will find Hicaric Rings, which are bright blue and look like horseshoes. The journey doesn't stop at one ring, though, and users will need to continue searching to complete An Ancient Race.

How many Hicaric Rings are needed to complete An Ancient Race in Sable?


Once gamers have found their way to at least one Hicaric Ring, they will need five more rings. In total, there are 6 Hicaric rings needed to complete An Ancient Race in Sable.

The location of each ring isn't random either. There is essentially one ring in each significant zone, and they are all located on a ground level. That means players should be looking in Sansee, Hakoa, The Wash, Badlands, Redsee, and the Sodic Waste. There is no Hicaric Ring located in the first Ibex Camp canyon.

With all the rings in hand, users will need to head directly east of the Cartographer located in the Badlands. The required site is the Mysterious Shrine, where they will find a Machinist. As long as gamers place the rings at the shrine, the Machinist will inscribe them after a few days.

In the end, Sable players will receive the Hicaric Ring bike parts for completing An Ancient Race.