How to complete The Wyrm in Sable

Head to The Wash to find The Wyrm in Sable (Image via Shedworks)
Head to The Wash to find The Wyrm in Sable (Image via Shedworks)

The Wyrm is a location that's hard to miss in Sable, but it's also one that has proven to be confusing based on one mechanic. If players have a chance to get to The Wyrm, they'll have quite a climb and some platforming to deal with.

Players who are still looking for The Wyrm location should head towards the southeast part of the map in Sable. As always, the cartographer in the area will unlock what the map looks like and can mark points of interest, like The Wyrm. In this case, players are looking for the area called The Wash.

Like The Whale in Sable, The Wyrm is hard to miss because of its sheer size. However, the difference is the Wyrm is a massive skeleton protruding from the sand rather than a huge red ship. It's apparent as soon as players come across it that the structure is meant to be climbed, and a platform can be seen at the top to confirm the idea.

Climbing The Wyrm will be far easier with some stamina upgrades through finding Chum Eggs, but it's not required. As players climb, they should make sure to drop on each bone they pass and regain their stamina. Simply rinse and repeat until the top is reached. From there, players can head to the edge and glide down slowly to the platform just below.

How to enter The Wyrm in Sable


While it may take a few minutes to reach the top of The Wyrm and enter the mouth, there's an even more confusing roadblock. In the mouth players will find a closed-off entry point and a journal. The journal holds the key for how to proceed, but it's not immediately obvious. It simply mentions figuring out about whistling as the key.

This means that Sable players should use the same button to call their bike, which is also a whistle. Once players whistle, a plant will pop up and players can take one of the balls off of the plant. These should be taken and dropped into the green acid in the same area.

Any time one of the balls is dropped into acid, a door will open or water levels in The Wyrm will change. Once players drop down into The Wyrm from the start, there will be plenty of platforming puzzles based around using the whistle and the acid.

When The Wyrm is completed, players can pick up the Sandwyrm Mask, but they'll still need to make their way out by reaching the top of the cave in Sable.

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