How to upgrade stamina in Sable

Find Chum Eggs to increase stamina in Sable (Image via Shedworks)
Find Chum Eggs to increase stamina in Sable (Image via Shedworks)

Stamina is one of the primary resources in Sable that players will need to pay attention to in almost any activity. Much like Breath of the Wild, Sable uses a simple and effective indicator of stamina.

As soon as Sable begins, gamers will notice that when they run or climb, a diamond will appear next to Sable, the character. The all-white diamond will quickly drain, and the grey background will be apparent. As the white stamina drains from the diamond, users will have less time to sprint or climb.

Stamina is vital for climbing in Sable because as soon as the diamond runs empty, Sable will fall, and players will need to glide down. Luckily, stamina can be upgraded beyond the standard diamond so that they can sprint farther and climb to new heights. But the process won't be so obvious.

Chum Eggs can be found early on (Image via Shedworks)
Chum Eggs can be found early on (Image via Shedworks)

In short, users will need to find items called Chum Eggs scattered around the map. They won't look like eggs at first, but rather a floating worm with a light purple color.

Chum Eggs can be found as early as the first Ibex Camp, but the glide ability will be needed for most of them.

Simply collecting them won't be enough to upgrade the stamina bar in Sable. Gamers will need to take them beyond the initial canyon to someone who can use them.

Where to bring the Chum Eggs to upgrade stamina in Sable


Once users leave the initial canyon, they will head to an area called Sansee, which is far more vast. One of the best parts of Sable is seeing structures or points of interest from far away, and players will be able to scout the tower needed for the Chum Eggs and stamina.

In the far east of Sansee, there will be a tower that clearly has a massive snake-like being attached to the top, which is pinkish in color. Climbing to the top will be nearly impossible without some upgrades, so the best idea is to head up the stairs in the front and travel through the cave entrance.

Inside, Sable players will find Queen Chum holding the tower and offering up a boon if they bring her five Chum Eggs. If her request is upheld, she sheds a tear, and Sable absorbs it to increase stamina.

Afterward, a task of 15 Chum Eggs will be given for even more stamina upgrades in Sable.

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