How to get the fastest bike in Sable

One bike in Sable has maximum speed (Image via Shedworks)
One bike in Sable has maximum speed (Image via Shedworks)

When players leave the Ibex Camp in Sable, the bike is what will carry them all over the vast desert landscape. But the first bike is only a start, and players can get much faster upgrades for their ride along their adventure.

There are three different stats to worry about for the bike in Sable: speed, handling, and acceleration. Some bike parts will allow users to max one stat in particular, and one of the most effective options makes all three incredibly high. But there is one set of bike parts that maxes out the speed stat.

That set is the Whale Ship Bike and includes the engine, the front, and wings. Unlike some bike sets in Sable, the Whale Ship set can't simply be purchased from a merchant or a machinist with Cuts. Instead, gamers will need to go on a journey between ancient ships that leads to a massive vessel.

How to get the fastest bike in Sable, the Whale Ship set


Getting the Whale Ship bike set is linked to a quest called the Historical Reconnection in Sable. The goal is to find all AI-recorded audio logs from Sarin, an AI tied to the crashed ships around the map.

Each ship players make their way through, which typically have power-based puzzles, will have Sarin within a control room. They can listen to audio recordings that tell a story, and there are six recordings in total. Each zone in the game will have a ship to explore and listen to.

Once users have found all six ships and recordings in Sable, the next step is to head to the origin point of Sarin and find the Whale Ship set for the fastest bike in Sable. Those who have collected all six audio logs will have full access granted to the Whale itself.

The Whale is the largest crashed ship in Sable and is a legend among the people. It's incredibly hard to miss on the map, and it's located almost directly West. Anyone that has the map areas unlocked will see a giant red blob that marks the Whale.

When gamers enter the Whale, they will find a floor above with a door that leads to another room. However, this time, there is a bike to the left and an outfit to the right. They can grab both if access is granted, and the fastest bike in the game is theirs.

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