How to earn Cuts currency fast in Sable

Scrap is one way to earn Cuts in Sable (Image via Shedworks)
Scrap is one way to earn Cuts in Sable (Image via Shedworks)

Currency in Sable, otherwise known as Cuts, serves many different purposes beyond simply buying better gear. Sometimes, it can be tied directly to progression, so players will want plenty of it on hand.

The good news is that there are a couple of different methods to farm Cuts quickly in Sable. There's only one catch, which is the possibility of players using these methods early on. While gaining currency or cuts early on can be difficult, Sable is a game without levels, aside from Stamina.

That means players can head to any of the places that will be listed at any time, it will just take some exploration, and it might take longer on the snail of a bike given at the start of the game. But with more Cuts, getting faster bike parts will be no problem.

Scrapping and foraging for Cuts currency in Sable


There are many different ways to earn Cuts currency in Sable, and much of the time, players will stumble upon small crates full of them. However, they only hold 20 Cuts each, and they need to be searched for. They're not a consistent way to earn Cuts, and neither is questing.

The first consistent way to earn Cut is to look for Scrap. At the base of Burnt Oak Station, there will be a scrapper in his office who tells Sable he accepts Scrap that she finds. Much of the time, Scrap is found in the crashed ships scattered around the world. It comes in two forms: single cogs of scrap or full boxes.

After exploring some major ships, which is needed for other quests as well, players can easily have a full haul of 50 scraps or more. When the Scrap is brought back to the scrapper, he will give Sable Cuts which will be over 1,000 with that much Scrap in hand.

Another option is to farm materials in the game. There are two materials that can be farmed in specific spots on the map. Those materials are Hakoan Glowworms and Lightning Crystals. The Glowworms are found Southwest in the Glow Worm Cave behind the waterfall. They will respawn and can be sold for 30 Cuts each.

Lightning Crystals are tougher to get but can be collected at the most southwestern point, which is the Crystal Plateau. These crystals will sell for 100 each and are a great way to get plenty of Cuts currency in Sable.

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