How to complete Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark

Chaos Dungeons are tougher endgame content (Image via Smilegate)
Chaos Dungeons are tougher endgame content (Image via Smilegate)

Lost Ark not only has tons of content to explore as you level up but also substantial and rewarding endgame activities, too. Once players reach the max level, more of Arkesia opens up to them.

As they were leveling, they complete a few dungeons with a few friends or by themselves. If players wish to challenge themselves in Lost Ark, there are Chaos Dungeons.

Chaos Dungeons are fun and challenging yet very short dungeons. Players can complete one in a matter of minutes with or without friends. It’s a fantastic way to earn upgrade materials and gear.

Lost Ark: Everything you need to know about Chaos Dungeons

Unlock Chaos Dungeons by reaching max level


To start participating in Chaos Dungeons, players must first be max level. With that out of the way, players need to finish the quest “Ealyn’s Request,” which starts in North Vern. Most of the questline covers North Vern. Upon completion, Chaos Dungeons will be accessible to them.

Their next objective is to reach the minimum item level. However, each Chaos Dungeon has three tiers; the higher the tier, the higher the item level needs to be. The earliest player can enter a Chaos Dungeon is with an item level of 250. They will likely be close or at item level 250 once they've reached the max level.

How to reach minimum item level and enter your first Chaos Dungeon


If players are below the minimum item level requirements to participate in Chaos Dungeons, Lost Ark has an entire questline to help. After finishing the North Vern storyline and earning the Icebreaker ship, travel to the Shushire region.

Complete the quests in Shushire, at least the main storyline. Players will have to do this anyway to access more endgame content. More importantly, their hard work will earn them a set of 302 item level gear. That means they'll be over what’s necessary to access the lowest tier of Chaos Dungeons.


Entering and completing a Chaos Dungeon comes down to class knowledge. Players can enter solo or with a group. Hordes of enemies will rush them, so having many AOE skills is ideal but not required. Every now and then, a miniboss will spawn. Rinse and repeat.

Chaos Dungeons can be finished in mere minutes. To start one, look for a golden-winged icon with a crystal. Chaos Dungeons can be completed twice per day, per character.

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