When do you unlock Abyss Dungeons in Lost Ark?

Artwork used to promote Lost Ark (Image via Smilegate)
Artwork used to promote Lost Ark (Image via Smilegate)
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Abyss Dungeons are a high-level post-story activity that players can run through in Lost Ark.

Dungeons offer incredible awards for solo players and parties who successfully complete them. Abyss Dungeons' rewards are well worth it for the bravery needed from players to merely enter them.


These particular dungeons are only available a few times per week and they open up to players who have reached level 50 and completed the Blue World quest line in Northern Vern.

How to unlock Abyss Dungeons in Lost Ark

Abyss Dungeons require a strong party of players to complete (Image via Smilegate)
Abyss Dungeons require a strong party of players to complete (Image via Smilegate)

Players can run through the Abyss Dungeons up to three times per week. This should be kept in mind when deciding whether a character is ready to tackle the harshness of a dungeon.

The loot gathered from completing one is spectacular, even for players who have reached the level cap. Once the main story is over and level 50 has been obtained, Abyss Dungeons can be accessed.

Abyss dungeons in Lost Ark seriously rule hard so far

Travel to Northern Vern to continue the Blue World line of quests. As a player progresses through these quests, quests named Waiting and Leaving will become available.

Complete Waiting and Leaving in Lost Ark and Abyss Dungeons will open up. They will be easily spotted on the mini-map, marked with a blue colored icon that resembles a dungeon and wasn't there before.

Feel free to visit the Abyss Dungeon locations to see exactly what the dungeon holds before committing. Players can also begin looking for groups at these locations via the Group Finder.

Queueing for Abyss Dungeons without doing research on the boss mechanics should be a bannable offense zzz

Currently, there are nine total Abyss Dungeons in the game with varying loot and enemies found within. Each one has a different item level requirement, with the lowest being around 325 and the highest at a whopping 1325.

Ensure that you have the best equipment possible before entering with a group, because it will surely take more than one player to complete these brutal endgame activities.

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