Top 5 Lost Ark tips for beginners

Lost Ark is now available to all the players (Image via Smilegate RPG)
Lost Ark is now available to all the players (Image via Smilegate RPG)

Lost Ark was released to the western audience on February 11, and it's expected that a vast number of players will be taking up the game. The MMORPG until now was mainly restricted to a limited section of the Asian audience, and there are things to be learned.

While the game tutorial explains many things, there are areas it misses. More importantly, tutorials never cover some aspects, but it's always good to know them beforehand.

From exploring large areas to engaging in PVE and PVP, players can do it all. However, players also need to do things efficiently to not miss out on the best rewards and level up efficiently.

While playing Lost Ark itself will help players grasp the items, knowing some valuable things beforehand is always easier.

Five things every Lost Ark player must do

5) Not focusing on gear


While this may sound strange, gears will mainly come into play once the players have entered the end game. Irrespective of when a player has started the game, it will take plenty more time to reach that point.

Until then, experimentation in the form of trial and error is the best thing to do. Lost Ark is known for its generous drop rates, so finding that perfect gear system later in the game will never be a problem.

4) Do side quests


Staying on the main storyline may seem like the more lucrative proposition, but side quests in the game are equally important. While not every side quest needs to be done, they can help the players in different ways. Side quests can potentially drop valuable rewards or help players level up or farm essential items.

3) Claim all the rewards


There are different rewards, especially as the game is just getting started. It remains to be seen how generous the rewards system in the western version will be. However, players should always be careful when checking the rewards, as many will have an expiry period on their claiming period.

2) Focus on Stronghold


Stronghold is Lost Ark's housing system, and it takes some time for players to unlock it. However, Stronghold is an essential place that allows players to increase their in-game progression. Things like crafting new items and researching new recipes can all be done in Stronghold.

1) Know the class


Lost Ark offers five classes and fifteen advanced classes, which players can build like they want to. Players can even create different accounts to learn what each class will be like.

It's imperative to know which class is most suitable for a player. Playing a class that's not according to a player's preferences can lead to sub-optimal results. It's never profitable to invest hours in a specific class to realize it's not likable enough.