How to complete Surgical Strike in Far Cry 6

Head to El Este for the Surgical Strike (Image via Ubisoft)
Head to El Este for the Surgical Strike (Image via Ubisoft)
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Surgical Strike is one of many Operations that players will need to complete as they venture through the El Este region. Like other Operations in Far Cry 6, Surgical Strike is part of the main story and another piece of the overall puzzle.

Once players have completed the 'Tourist Trap' Operation within the same region, Surgical Strike will be unlocked as the next step. The task is to head over to a sub-station that ultimately ties into the story with McKay, an associate of Castillo and one of the obstacles in El Este as a whole. Taking down the sub-station is just one step in taking over power in the area.

Destroying the poison in Far Cry 6's Surgical Strike


The first step in the Operation is to talk to Lucky Mama, who is located in La Joya specifically. Players will be sent to the western side of the El Este region to take down poison production in a Surgical Strike.

As soon as players enter the sub-station, the mission begins and players are tasked with destroying four different sub-stations. Walking into Dorada Cove and following the main pipeline from there is the best bet. Players need to look out for yellow tanks along with valves that indicate a sub-station along the pipeline. If players get close enough, the mission marker will appear on the station.

The mini-map may show the pathing of the pipeline, but it's easiest to follow the pipeline and pay attention to yellow tanks. They can either be shot, or a level can be pulled to destroy the poison-filled station. Shooting is easier because some levers are out of reach.

Only four sub-stations need to be destroyed, and once four are taken out, the other four remaining will automatically self-destruct as well. That leads players to the next part of Surgical Strike in Far Cry 6.

Hacking McKay's computer in Far Cry 6's Surgical Strike

Hack McKay's computer to progress in the mission (Image via Ubisoft)
Hack McKay's computer to progress in the mission (Image via Ubisoft)

With the sub-stations taken out, players need to run over to the chemical plant that McKay also runs. Inside the control room of the poison chemical plant, McKay's computer will be sitting in the open.

Yelena will begin hacking the computer and players will need to make sure that happens without any danger. If all of the enemies in the area are already dead, then the hack ends fast. But if they are still alive, players will need to defend against their remaining enemies.

Players can then head outside to the basin, where four panels will be found on platforms. Each one needs to be interacted with for the basin to overflow. Again, if there are more enemies, be prepared to defend the control panels. After those are flooded, players can head to the warehouse to destroy the Toxiflo Reactant Ultrafiltration Downstream Osmometer.

Like the sub-stations in Surgical Strike, players need to destroy yellow valves, which will sabotage the system. This effectively ends the Surgical Strike in Far Cry 6 and the next mission begins.

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