Should you kill McKay in Far Cry 6?

Players can decide to let McKay escape or take him down (Image via Ubisoft)
Players can decide to let McKay escape or take him down (Image via Ubisoft)
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Far Cry 6 players will have the choice to kill McKay after they've completed the mainline El Este Operations, however, deciding to get take out a character can be a tough choice in any game. Much of the time, it comes down to whether the kill is worth it or not.

Players really don't have to ponder the consequences of killing McKay in Far Cry 6. Many of the smaller choices in the game don't necessarily amount to any lasting effects within Yara. The story stays fairly linear, and players don't have to worry about derailing the narrative. However, rewards can always make a difference.

What do players get from killing McKay in Far Cry 6?


When operations come to an end for El Este, players will be given a wrap-up mission. Juan Cortez is the one who fills Dani in on the details, and they need to help Sean McKay escape to the United States.

During the escape mission, players will have a chance to kill McKay and end the escape right there and then. When that happens is up to the player, and McKay can be shot dead at any time before the escape is over. Beyond killing McKay for the sake of it, players can also pick up some unique loot.

'Candians, what?' is an item that McKay will drop if players decide to kill him during the mission. This equipment takes up the wrist gear slot, and it guarantees that enemies will drop pesos if they are killed by poison effects. Anyone who uses poison ammo may want to give some real consideration to getting this item before McKay escapes to the States.

What do players get if they let McKay escape in Far Cry 6?

Of course, players don't need to kill McKay, and it may not be worth it at all if poison ammo isn't part of a loadout. Letting McKay live is technically what players are tasked with completing, and there are still some bonuses that are offered.

Instead of equipment, however, players will receive 5,000 pesos to use on whatever they'd like in Far Cry 6.

The choice is ultimately left to players, who get to decide how they want to handle their own story in Far Cry 6. There is also a substantial reward, regardless of the choice made in the game.

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