How to craft throwing knives in Dying Light 2

Players can use several types of weapons to defeat the infected (Image via Techland)
Players can use several types of weapons to defeat the infected (Image via Techland)
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Dying Light 2 players have access to a myriad of weapons, including the ever-useful throwing knife.

Throwing knives are a stealth and long-ranged player's best friend. They can use them to strike an enemy from above or from a distance without giving up their position and having to get up close and personal.


Like many items in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, throwing knives need to be unlocked and then crafted. There's a certain point in the story that makes them available and provides the blueprint to craft.

How to craft throwing knives in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

To gain access to throwing knives, players need to complete the Markers of Plague quest. That mission begins with Aiden Caldwell waking up at Cillian's house before being sent on a mission for a Biomarker.

The mission ends when players use a pair of binoculars to spot the Bazaar. This opens up Old Villedor for free exploration and players are rewarded with the blueprint for throwing knives.

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Now that the blueprint has been obtained, crafting throwing knives is pretty easy. For each set of throwing knives, players will need to use 10x Scraps and 1x Rags. These are items that can be picked up in a variety of places across the map.

When the materials have been gathered, go into the Dying Light 2 Character menu. There is a Crafting option that can be selected. Choose it and select the blueprint for throwing knives.

Confirm that you want to craft a set of throwing knives and the appropriate amount of materials will be taken from your inventory. Craft as much as you'd like until you run out of Scraps and Rags.

Dying Light 2 looks great. Stealth, fast parkour, combat choked by resource-management, zombies.Throwing knives give enemies a TON of stun for running past / follow-ups.I'm hoping for some kind of modifier that ups resource scarcity for intense decision-making.

At first, throwing knives will be used to wound enemies and allow the player to escape. They can be upgraded later on to deal much more damage and actually finish off enemies.

As well, more throwing knives can be obtained per craft when using the Old World Money Trophy and the Infected Trophy. Be sure to upgrade them and use these Trophies as soon as possible to make them the deadliest they can be.

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