How to craft and use Printed Sled in Sons of the Forest?

Crafting and using printed sled in Sons of the Forest (Image via youtube/ZaFrostPet)
Crafting and using printed sled in Sons of the Forest (Image via YouTube/ZaFrostPet)

A printed sled is a craftable that can be formed using a 3D printer in Sons of the Forest. It can be used to slide around the game's different environments, similar to the turtle shell slide in the prequel. Although the turtle shell is no longer slideable, players do not need to worry as the printed sled has officially replaced its potential.

Sons of the Forest was one of the most awaited sequels of the year. It has a similar environment to its 2017 prequel, The Forest, but with added threats, an immersive environment, new tools, weapons, and much more.

The sled can be printed as soon as the players locate their first 3D printer with the addition of a small amount of resin in it. This article will describe the process of crafting and using printed sleds in Sons of the Forest.

Process of crafting and using the Printed Sled in Sons of the Forest


The Printed Sled is mostly useful when going downhill, making the process effortless. It is also beneficial during the winter season as the area is covered with snow, and the sled can be used to slide around, avoiding obstacles such as small pebbles in the forest.

Crafting Printing Sled

  • Visit a cave with a 3D printer and a laptop.
  • Fill the resin amount of the printer to 1000 ml.
  • Scroll through the laptop and select Printed Sled from the options.
  • Press the "E" button on the keyboard to start printing.
  • Wait for the process to complete and collect the sled once printing is done.

The sled will require 1000 ml of resin in the 3D printer and 20 seconds to be crafted.

Using Printed Sled


The steps for using Printed Sled are as follows:

  • Open inventory and select to equip the sled.
  • Jump from the slope, and while in the air, left-click to start sliding.

Printed Sleds can be used by players to slide downhill at amazingly high speeds from huge mountains. They can also be used to drop from completely steep slopes safely and without taking any damage in Sons of the Forest.

It is recommended that players search for printer resins near the safe house to be able to craft other equipment such as arrows, masks, grappling hooks, and many more to be able to protect themselves from the dangers.

Sons of the Forest is currently receiving a lot of positive reviews from the community, and over 2 million copies have already been sold on Steam. It can now be exclusively played on the Valve-owned platform as part of early access.

The game is currently unavailable to play on Epic Games and consoles such as PlayStation 5, Xbox X/S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. However, the game can be expected to be released on newer generation consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S when the early access period is over.

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