How to create Genshin Impact characters tier-list in July 2021

Genshin Impact players can use TierMaker to make custom tier lists.
Genshin Impact players can use TierMaker to make custom tier lists.

Genshin Impact features many unique characters, and some players enjoy sorting them into tier lists based on different metrics.

The Genshin Impact community is quick to make comparisons, and for good reason. Players constantly have to choose which characters and weapons to build, using resin and valuable resources in the process.

Due to this, many players are referring to tier lists. No tier list is universal, of course, so some prefer making their own, and this article explains how to do so.

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How to create a Genshin Impact tier list

Unfilled tier list in TierMaker
Unfilled tier list in TierMaker

Genshin Impact players can make their own tier lists for characters, weapons, and more with TierMaker. Creators on this platform have created plenty of tier list templates for users to choose from. Players can stick to pre-built templates, or modify them to their liking.

In any template in TierMaker, the tiers are listed in the left column. Users can move icons, sorting them into tiers in the middle column.

Example tier list made in TierMaker
Example tier list made in TierMaker

Creators can fill out a tier list by doing the following:

  • Find a desirable template.
  • Rename tier labels if necessary.
  • Drag the icons from below the tier list up to a row.
  • Drag icons to reassign them to a different tier.
  • Re-order the tiers using the up and down arrows on the right of the tier list.

The template for the example tier list above includes all the characters in the game so far, as well as some unreleased characters. Users can always change the tier labels if they want to sort these characters by different criteria, as opposed to the standard S, A, B, etc. tiers.

TierMaker users can also find customization tools in the gear icons on the right side of the tier list. This may be useful for editing tiers and adding or removing rows.

Gear icon: tier settings
Gear icon: tier settings

There are also plenty of Genshin Impact tier lists on TierMaker that don't focus on characters. Users may find tier lists for the best-looking namecards, the most annoying enemies, favorite domains, and much more.

Essentially, there's a little something for everyone on this platform.

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Users who have an account with TierMaker can also create their own template. They will simply need to have icon assets to upload, which will be sorted into tiers of their choosing.

Once the tier list is complete, users can download it as an image. Or they can save the list on the platform if they have an account.

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