How to defeat Heimdall in God of War Ragnarok

Kratos must fight a man that can see everything in God of War Ragnarok (Image via Santa Monica Studios)
Kratos must fight a man that can see everything in God of War Ragnarok (Image via Santa Monica Studio)

At this point in God of War Ragnarok, Heimdall has already made it clear that he does not like or trust Atreus - also known as Loki. While exploring Vanaheim, Freya’s home, Kratos must battle with the All-Seeing Heimdall. But how does one fight a man who can see everything?

After all, Heimdall can see into someone’s soul, know their personality and thoughts, and see any attack before it gets to him. That’s where Brok had the brilliant idea to overwhelm his senses with the Draupnir. By forging it into a spear, Kratos has an unlimited ammo weapon to hurl at Heimdall in God of War Ragnarok.

It’s a battle with multiple phases, and here’s what the player will need to know when they contend with the god Heimdall.

Note: This contains spoilers for one of the most important bosses in God of War Ragnarok.

How to defeat Heimdall the All-Seeing in God of War Ragnarok

Heimdall appears astride his mighty steed, Gulltoppr, the horse of the gods. In order to get through the first phase, you will first have to deal with Heimdall’s condescending attitude, rude remarks, and cruel hints of the future. Freya leaves Kratos as she has more important matters to tend to.


However, Kratos doesn’t want to kill Heimdall. He dreads that slaying Heimdall will set him on the path of violence, and he will not be able to stop the chain of events that come with the death of Heimdall.

For Phase 1, he sits atop Gulltoppr, and you have to defeat the horned mount first. He will likely start with a pair of back-to-back attacks that have to be Shield Broken (L1 while the two blue circles are on screen). He often follows this up with a blast of Bifrost that deals damage to Kratos. However, he will slowly heal back the damage taken.

If you’re full screen, he’s very keen on charging in with an unblockable attack and then following up with another Shield Break attack in God of War Ragnarok. While he’s on Gulltoppr’s back, though, you don’t have to worry about him dodging everything.


The fall of Gulltoppr

Most of the attacks Heimdall uses in this phase will either require a dodge or a shield break. You also have to deal with his insufferable, snide comments. Defeating Gulltoppr is easy enough, though. This leads to a cutscene where Kratos murders the mount.

“Ah well, you and me, then!”

This kicks off Phase 2 of the God of War Ragnarok boss battle versus Heimdall. It’s going to be very important to focus on using the Draupnir in this battle. Immediately throw a spear at him, which he’ll catch and mock you for it. Activate the Triangle to detonate it and stun Heimdall.

You’ll be able to do this again, which triggers an R3 cutscene. Kratos will go in for several attacks, and everyone will miss. The God of War Ragnarok boss will draw his sword, and from here on out, you can’t simply throw spears at him. He’ll swat them away every single time.

Heimdall will continue to juke, dodge, and slip away from all attacks. He’ll occasionally leap away and offer an attack that can be parried. He seldom tries to harm Kratos, it seems, playing around with him.

Now you need to get him standing near a spear that’s been thrown into the ground and detonate it. This triggers another R3 cutscene where you are dodged repeatedly. This God of War Ragnarok battle is frustrating because, by this point, you’ve yet to even harm the god.


Some of these attacks are unblockable, and he also has one where he grapples with Kratos just to harass him. He’ll even try to strike you with Gjallarhorn. The secret to harming him is to throw the spear into the ground and detonate it near him. This will trigger an R3 cutscene where you can harm Heimdall.

Phase 3 of this God of War Ragnarok fight now begins. He can “Realm Shift” now. Time slows down, and you have to Block or Dodge attacks when time slows down to create an opening to attack.

“I don’t remember the last time anyone hit me.”

He’ll start using more unblockable Bifrost attacks at this point, too. You can continue to parry at the right times (yellow circles) to stun and harm Heimdall. When he gets to about half health, he'll remark:

“You know…pain is not as bad as I remember.”

Things heat up a bit as Heimdall gives himself a damage shield. Just batter your way through it while avoiding his normal strikes and Bifrost blasts. At this point in the God of War Ragnarok boss fight, he stops dodging as much. He will regenerate the armor again, though.

“Luck! That’s all this is!!”

Heimdall is defeated, but Kratos refuses to kill him. Stabbing Heimdall in the arm and pinning him to a wall, the god begs Kratos off. The Norse god will not stop fighting, though, insulted at the act of mercy. In response, Kratos detonates the spear and blows up the god’s arm.

The arm regenerates, and an enraged Heimdall screams at Kratos. Once again, the boss has full health as Phase 4 of this God of War Ragnarok encounter kicks off.

He all but stops dodging but now throws boulders at Kratos among his other attacks. He also has a huge AOE that you must avoid. You can shield strike to cancel it out, though. Heimdall will probably try to drop two or three unblockable strikes in a row. He’s faster and angrier now.

However, this is the end of the battle, and the game moves on. Nothing new occurs, and once you deplete his health bar, Heimdall is smashed into the ground and choked to death. With that, Heimdall falls, and God of War Ragnarok carries on. It’s a relatively simple boss battle once you learn how to stun and take advantage of his arrogance.