How to defeat Kafka in Honkai Star Rail

Master the Dodge Mechanic and Beat Kafka in Honkai Star Rail (Image via miHoYo)
A few basic tips on how to beat Kafka (Image via MiHoYo)

HoYoverse’s Honkai Star Rail has distinctive turn-based gameplay mechanics and a captivating plot that lets you fight it out as soon as you set foot in the game. In the prolog, you get a glimpse of Kafka, a 5-star character that follows the Path of the Nihility and wields the power of lighting. Kafka is a powerful character to own. However, as part of the storyline, you must also defeat her in Chapter 2 in a boss fight.

Kafka is one of the most formidable boss fights in Honkai Star Rail, which requires players to put everything they have learned so far in the game to the test. You must be wary of Kafka’s attacking patterns and find a way to effectively use your weapons and abilities to their fullest potential in order to turn the tide.


This guide will provide some essential tips and tricks to help you overcome Kafka. These tips will help you defeat her and improve your overall gameplay. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Tips and Tricks on how to overcome Kafka in Honkai Star Rail


In Kafka, you’ll encounter one of the most challenging boss fights yet in the early phases of your intergalactic adventure. You must avoid getting hit by Kafka’s moves as much as possible, particularly from her Lighting Bolts and Energy Blasts.

The Kafka boss fight is a Quick Time Event (QTE) in Honkai Star Rail. This is one of the most exciting combat features introduced in the title. These are timed events, where you must hit the buttons rapidly to follow out events.

Additionally, to make the fight more challenging, Kafka will teleport and spawn support minions to help her cause. You must use your tools and skills precisely to deal damage. Furthermore, It would help if you quickly memorized Kafka’s primary attacks and their effects and then adjusted items and abilities to beat Kafka.

Kafka boss fight rewards

Many rewards await people who can overcome Kafka. There are weapons, armor, items, and plenty more to gain from this boss fight. The combat is even more thrilling and complex because of the Quick Time Event.

Beyond serving as a formidable foe and a 5-star character, Kafka has a crucial role in the narrative and plot of Honkai Star Rail.

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