Honkai Star Rail leaks hint at Kafka, Silver Wolf, and more coming as future banners

Honkai Star Rail players could get three new banners very soon (Images via MiHoYo)
Honkai Star Rail players could get three new banners very soon (Images via MiHoYo)

Honkai Star Rail players are enjoying all the latest content, and it seems like a plenty of exciting things are coming over the next few weeks as well. The information comes via a leak posted on Twitter by HSR_Stuff. While the news comes from Chinese sources, this content will be available across all global servers. MiHoYo's recent launch has been a major success as it has managed to deliver on the initial hype.

Being a gacha game, the warps (banners) are one of the major sources of excitement among the players. Thanks to the highlight and beginner banners, the community can greatly improve their squads with the help of new characters. If the leak turns out to be true, Honkai Star Rail players will find some exciting new names in the upcoming banners.

Honkai Star Rail players could get 3 new banners very soon

The recent leaks hint at three warp events for Honkai Star Rail players. Each will feature at least one new 5-star character who will debut in the global version.

Version 1.1 will introduce two new 5-star characters in the form of Silver Wolf and Luocha. Players have already enjoyed Silver Wolf as part of the prolog, but she remains an NPC as of now. There’s a possible chance that 1.1 could also extend the main storyline and shed light on what happened between her and Kafka.

Version 1.2 will likely feature Kafka as the main character from the banner. She could be one of the strongest 5 stars in Honkai Star Rail upon release. Like Silver Wolf, many players encounter Kafka in the prolog before she disappears. It will be interesting to see how she impacts the ongoing meta.

Version 1.3 will introduce Fu Xuan and not much is known about her. She will belong to the rarer Quantum element and join Seele, whose banner is active now. Dan Heng could receive a special skin as part of the additions.


It’s worth noting that none of this information has been officially declared by developer MiHoYo. Readers are advised to follow Sportskeeda and the game’s official Twitter handle to find updated information.

Moreover, different versions are likely to have a gap of six to seven weeks between them. This will allow players to save up the resources they need to get an adequate amount of Star Rail passes.