How to defeat Overseer Zane in New World

Pick up a bounty or quest for Overseer Zane (Image via Amazon Games)
Pick up a bounty or quest for Overseer Zane (Image via Amazon Games)

Players in New World will be tasked with taking down plenty of targets, including Overseer Zane. Whether players are picking up a bounty or progressing through a quest, Overseer Zane will have the same location in New World's Aeternum.

Before players can go defeating Overseer Zane, they need to track and find the enemy. Markers will be given for the boss, and there are two ways to begin the objective. One is to simply pick up the bounty that pertains to the Overseer in New World. Otherwise, a quest called "Something to Prove" also tasks players with taking out Zane.

How to complete the Overseer Zane objective in New World

With the quest in hand, players will want to make their way to Ebonrock Cave. It shouldn't be too hard to find as long as the right directions are used. The cave can be found north and a bit to the west of Shadowmine. Players can find Shadowmine on the map within Everfall, an area that also happens to have access to the Churro Sheep.

Once players get to the Ebonrock cave, it's time to go inside and find Overseer Zane. However, there's a problem with Overseer Zane in New World that makes the fight more frustrating beyond mechanics.


As the game gets older, the issue of defeating Overseer Zane won't be a problem, but for now, completing the objective is difficult. What makes the fight frustrating is that it has nothing to do with actual boss mechanics.

In order for players to kill Overseer Zane, they need to inflict a certain amount of damage in the fight. The system doesn't work like other MMO games where simply tapping the boss will count as completion. It may stop the AFK farmers, but that doesn't help the overabundance of players waiting to get enough damage in.

Another issue is the long respawn timer, which can go up to seven minutes in between spawns. So if the players don't get enough damage on Overseer Zane the first time, then they'll need to camp out for a bit before trying again in the Ebonrock Cave.

One way to combat the issue is to group up with other players. As long as one player in a New World group inflicts enough damage on Overseer Zane, then the rest of the group will complete the objective as well.

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