How to find Churro Sheep in New World

Search around the Devil's Quarry for the Churro Sheep (Image via Amazon Games)
Search around the Devil's Quarry for the Churro Sheep (Image via Amazon Games)

Players in New World may be on a hunt for Churro Sheep as they complete some of the fetch quests found all over the game. It's an easy way to earn XP but finding the Churro Sheep has proven to be a problem in the community.

There are a couple of reasons why players may have trouble finding Churro Sheep in New World. One reason is the naming of Churro Sheep, which is technically Corsair's Rise Sheep. The other kind of sheep is the Pasture Sheep, and the main difference between the two is horns, which the Churro Sheep has.

What to do with Churro Sheep and other locations in New World

Quest locations are the other reason why finding the Churro Sheep can be a problem in New World. For some of the hunt quests involving sheep, the quest marker will give the general location of sheep, but it tends to be fairly far off, and more searching is involved.

In order to find the Churro Sheep much faster, players should head towards the Devil's Quarry on the map. Quest markers may be set above the quarry, but the location can be more accurate than the marker, which will save some time.

Instead of heading into the quarry, players will want to move northeast of the area, just ahead of Crone's Rest. It's not in the Devil's Quarry, but it's in the surrounding area.


There is another area on the map in New World where players may be able to hunt down some Churro Sheep. While that may not be guaranteed, Stonereach Pass may offer the chance for more sheep, that is if there are enough of them spawning with so many players.

The specific area of the Stonereach Pass is Everfall, and it was one of the areas in the beta that players flocked to for a better chance at Pasture and Churro Sheep. There are also hunt quests in the area, so it makes sense for yet another quest to require the animal.

When players do finally get their eye on some Churro Sheep, they are incredibly easy to take out. Like other base animals in the game, the Churro Sheep will go down in one good hit. The animal can then be used just like poultry items in New World. In no time, players can get their antlers and turn in their quests.

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