How to destroy a city in Humankind

Make use of the Ransack mechanic in Humankind (Image via SEGA)
Make use of the Ransack mechanic in Humankind (Image via SEGA)
Daniel Wenerowicz

Humankind has been out for a few days, and it's given players some time to learn the mechanics. However, learning how to destroy a city or raise aspects of it may have flown under the radar. Luckily, the process isn't too convoluted.

As a 4x strategy game, working with cities all over the map is an integral aspect of the gameplay. What players do with a given city in Humankind is all part of the strategy, and there are plenty of decisions they can make. Destroying a city is just one of those decisions.

To begin the process of destroying a city in Humankind, gamers need to select the Ransack option. Ransacking in Humankind allows them to take resources from the cities that they choose. They can't be random cities, though, and users must conquer one before any Ransacking begins.

If they already own the city and have previously conquered the area, the next step is to bring a unit. Once they are close, players can select the Ransack option for that group, and a new process can begin.

The unit will begin stripping the area of resources, and it will take several turns before the process ends. They will need to wait, but the turns required can undoubtedly be worth it.

Once the unit is done stripping resources from the area, the chosen city will be destroyed or razed. The same process can be done on enemy outposts, also requiring units and multiple turns to take down.

What else can be done with cities in Humankind?


Destroying cities in Humankind is only one aspect of what players can do in the strategy game. To be successful on the map, they should utilize separate mechanics.

One of the best mechanics is a city downgrade. Gamers who take control of highly upgraded areas can't simply add the city to their infrastructure. Rather, they need to absorb the area into their own city and downgrade as a total.

Another mechanic is relocation, allowing users to move where their capital city is. As long as they pay attention to the geography of their cities and their own Humankind city cap, success will come much easier, and decisions are much safer.

Humankind was released on August 17 for the PC platform.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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