How to earn the Augmented achievement in Halo Infinite

Complete weapon drills for the Augmented achievement (Image via Xbox)
Complete weapon drills for the Augmented achievement (Image via Xbox)
Daniel Wenerowicz

There are plenty of achievements for players to pursue in Halo Infinite, and the Augmented achievement is just one of many on the way to full completion. For those looking to hear the iconic achievement noise yet another time, getting the Augmented one is fairly straightforward.

When pursuing the Augmented achievement, players will pretty easily rack up at least three others along the way. They are all tied to the weapon drills within Halo Infinite, which allow players to get some practice with a weapon of their choice. Training can be beneficial in Halo Infinite, and it's an easy way to rack up some gamer score.

Getting the Augmented achievement in Halo Infinite


The Augmented achievement has a very simple description, but what is required may be unknown to many players in Halo Infinite. Players must earn three stars in five Tier 3 weapon drills in order to earn Augmented.

To get started, players need to make their way to the training section of Halo Infinite. Training has a dedicated section within the main menu which is labeled as the Academy. This menu can be found as the third selection down as soon as players load into Halo Infinite.

Once players load up the Academy, there are an additional three options: Tutorial, Weapon Drills, and Training Mode. Weapon Drills is the mode that players want in order to pursure the Augmented achievement. This drill mode will give players a full roster of Halo Infinite weapons, each with three different tiers of training to complete.

The first mode will have players take out targets for 30 seconds to rack up their score. In each tier, the target will move a little bit to make the target practice and scoring harder. All players need to do is gain three stars in five different training drills to gain the Augmented achievement.

Other achievements linked to the Augmented achievement in Halo Infinite

On the way to securing the Augmented achievement, there are two others that are easily earned as well. These are the Sharpshooter and Deadeye achievements.

To earn Sharpshooter, all players need to do is complete one Weapon Drill. There are no requirements aside from completing the drill. Then there is Deadeye, which tasks players with getting three stars in just one Weapon Drill. Of course, these are both easy to complete in Halo Infinite when going for Augmented.

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