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How Epic games changed Fortnite with the aim assist nerf featuring Ninja 

Fortnite Aim Assist (Image Courtesy: Blasting News)
Fortnite Aim Assist (Image Courtesy: Blasting News)
Modified 20 May 2020

Epic Games have always tried to balance the game in every way possible. Making a game as popular as Fortnite and not leave out any balancing issues is a tough thing to do. Apart from that, there have always been small bugs, glitches and issues lying around in Fortnite. Hackers exploit these glitches in-game to gain an advantage over their opponents and outwit them easily.

Some of the glitches that were found during the game were the underground bug where the players could go below the surface of the map and stay hidden until the last enemy comes in range before killing them and winning the match.

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However, Epic Games are taking strong anti-cheat measures to address this problem and are working on resolving issues as soon as they are reported to the developers.

Apart from these, balance issues in case of Skins and weapon have been an issue of major concern. Recently, heavy snipers were nerfed to stop the body one-shots in the game, as it was unfair for the opponents.

Currently, there is a huge controversy going on in the Fortnite Community which talks about the recent aim assist nerf v12.50 update bought into the game.

Many professional players like Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, Aydan have expressed their frustration towards the people who exploit the aim assist while playing the game on their PCs. Ninja urged his fans and the community to stand up against this to create a better experience for both controller and PC players.

How does the Aim assist in Fortnite affect the users?

According to the Reddit user, SpiritualBiskit and research conducted by the Outlet, the aim assists 240 Hz will now function as a 60 Hz. This will change the way aim to assist works and will not help controller players to stick to their enemy.


There are a lot of disadvantages of using a mouse over the controller but at least controller players cannot spam their L2 Button and hit accurate unskilled shots into the enemies.

This update surely will make the game more balanced and fairer to play for everyone. Aim assist has allowed console players to perform tricks in-game which are not at all possible with the help of mouse and keyboard. Updates like these have always had mixed opinions but have proved fruitful for the long-term for Fortnite.

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Published 20 May 2020, 17:47 IST
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