How do evolution items work in Pokemon GO?

Image via Pun Py Mar
Image via Pun Py Mar
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Evolution items are available in Pokemon GO, and players can use them to make some great Pokemon more powerful.

Evolving Pokemon via items has always been a mainstay of the series. Some of these items were easy to use, like giving a Fire Stone to Growlithe to transform it into Arcanine. Others required more steps, like giving a Metal Coat to Onix and trading it so it could become Steelix. Thankfully, nothing is as complex in Pokemon GO. These items can, however, be hard to come by. Here is how they work.

How do evolution items work in Pokemon GO?

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Evolution items can be used on the appropriate Pokemon once they reach level 10. Thankfully, Pokemon like Seadra or Slowpoke don’t need to be traded along with their evolutionary items to evolve. All trainers need to do is reach the level requirement and give them the item.

It’s important to note, however, that not every Pokemon evolves the same way that they do in the games. For instance, there is no Water Stone, Fire Stone or Thunder Stone as of yet. The only stone that’s available is the Sun Stone, which is needed to evolve Sunkern into Sunflora or Gloom into Bellossom.

Most of the other evolutionary items are for Pokemon that typically need to be traded to evolve. Examples would be the Dubious Disk, which evolves Porygon into Porygon 2, or Magnetic Lure Model which evolves Magneton as well as Nosepass.

Fortunately, most of these items are easy to obtain. Simply going to a PokeStop is all a trainer needs to do to get an evolution item. There are two exceptions, though: the Sinnoh Stone and the Unova Stone.

As long-time fans of the series will know, in Generation IV several new evolutions were added to older Pokemon. These all used to be trade evolutions, like Electabuzz needing an Electrizer to be traded and evolve into Electivire. Well, instead of finding each of these individual items, trainers just need the Sinnoh Stone to evolve these Pokemon. The same goes for the Unova Stone.

However, these items are rarer than normal evolution items. Spinning a PokeStop won’t get anyone either of these stones. In order to get them, trainers will have to conduct Research tasks and Research Breakthrough. They are well worth it, though, since they evolve so many different Pokemon.

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