The best moveset for Arcanine in Pokemon Red and Blue

Image via Screen Rant
Image via Screen Rant

Arcanine has everything a Pokemon player would want; good strength, decent speed, and surprisingly, it can take a couple hits as well.

Arcanine is obtainable by evolving Growlithe, who sadly, is only available in Pokemon Red. Like many other Generation I Pokemon, Arcanine doesn’t have access to many moves. It can spam strong Fire-type attacks, but the supporting moves it gets aren’t too great. Arcanine can, however, become one of the best Pokemon in the game with this set:

The best moveset for Arcanine in Pokemon Red and Blue

Image via Pokemon
Image via Pokemon

Given it’s large attack stat (110), it’s clear that what Arcanine wants to do is fire off as many hard-hitting attacks as possible. This moveset has a variety of attacks that can damage lots of different Pokemon in the game.

  • -Flamethrower
  • -Double-Edge
  • -Hyper Beam
  • -Dig

As is usual with any Fire-type Pokemon, if it can learn Flamethrower, it should learn Flamethrower. Pokemon Red players will have to be careful though. Growlithe learns Flamethrower at level 50, which means it can’t take the Fire Stone earlier than that or it will be using Ember for the rest of the game.

There is no Flamethrower technical machine in Pokemon Red and Blue, and Fire Blast is too inaccurate. The trade-off is that Flamethrower is all Arcanine needs to obliterate most Pokemon.

Double-Edge may have recoil damage, but it’s still a consistent attack. There are no Steel-type Pokemon in Generation I, so Arcanine only really needs to be careful around Rock-types and Ghost-types with this move. Everything else will get blown back with Double-Edge.

In Generation I, any Pokemon with a high attack stat should at least think about running Hyper Beam. Considering that Pokemon won’t have to recharge if Hyper Beam picks up a KO, it’s a no-brainer on Arcanine since it can KO anything. The drawback is that this move, along with Double-Edge, are going to require a lot of time at the Game Corner to acquire. With these two moves, however, Arcanine will become a premier Pokemon on any team.

Dig may be an odd selection, but it comes in handy a lot in Pokemon Red. Considering that there is an Electric-type Gym and a Poison-Type Gym, an Arcanine with a ground move suddenly becomes more valuable to any run of Pokemon Red.

Also, since Fire-types resist Fire moves, Arcanine with Dig becomes the perfect Blaine counter as well. The coverage that Fire and Ground provides just deals with a good majority of Pokemon found throughout the game. It’s also convenient to Dig out of caves.

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