How to farm Funnelweb unlimited times in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Savathun's Throne World (Image via Bungie)
Savathun's Throne World (Image via Bungie)

The name Funnelweb has been running around the Destiny 2 community recently as one of the primary go-to weapons for PvE. Aside from having an unreal resemblance to The Recluse, there are a few things that the Funnelweb does tons better than the Year 2 Pinnacle vaulted SMG.

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The only downside to this, however, is the world drop pool. As far as world drops go, players have a very low chance of getting the perks that they want, let alone the weapons.

So the community has come up with a method of granting them unlimited access to the new Funnelweb, all while getting an increased chance at God Rolls.

Players are cheesing their way to unlimited Funnelweb farm in Destiny 2's Throne World

The main idea behind this farm is to revert the drop pool from Throne World to World Drops. So every time you open a deep-sighted tier 3 chest, you will be getting items from the Destiny 2 world pool rather than just the Throne World.

To make this happen, there needs to be a few things in order on Bungie's official website.

Stadia like 'Wow this Destiny 2 Expansion is really bringing players to our platform'.๐Ÿ™ƒ

Step 1) To start, create an official Stadia account via the Cross-Save section inside Profiles. From there, simply authenticate your email address associated with your Stadia account and confirm the character you have on your steam to be allowed on Stadia.

Cross-Save section inside Profiles (Image via Bungie)
Cross-Save section inside Profiles (Image via Bungie)

Step 2) Once done, search up Destiny 2 at Stadia's official site and select the base game. From there, you can start the title by scrolling down and clicking on 'Play for Free.'

Step 3) After launching the game, you can spawn inside the Throne World. However, at this time, there aren't any DLCs owned by your characters in the game. So every loot from the World Pool has been compressed inside the chests located within the Throne World.


Make sure to have your Fynch's reputation in Rank 15 to unlock the Deepsight puzzles at tier 3. Upon reaching rank 15 on Fynch, simply go to Queen's Bailey and start collecting the tier 3 chests after interacting with the Deepsights. Typically, this process can be repeated after leaving the area and moving back in.

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