How to farm Zennies in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise: farming zennies (image from
Monster Hunter Rise: farming zennies (image from
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Zennies are the in-game currency for Monster Hunter Rise. As hunters progress through the game, Zennies become crucial to craft armor sets, develop weapons, and finance other rare crafting items.

Although monster parts can be sold for Zennies, it is an unviable option. Hunters need monster parts for other important things. Fortunately, there is a somewhat easy way to farm several hundred thousand Zennies in around 10 minutes.


This method is similar to the currency farming methods in older Monster Hunter titles. Players will have to look for a mining outcrop upsurge on a high-level expedition tour, preferably on the Lava Caverns map of Monster Hunter Rise since it's loaded with rare mining nodes.

The mining upsurge only lasts for 10 minutes in Monster Hunter Rise. But it gives players way more every time they mine. This amplifies the efficiency of Zenny farming by a fair margin. There is so much amplification that recycling the upsurge in mining outcrops in Lava Caverns is worth the wait.

By stacking this bonus with Geologist skills, which gives extra ore and can easily be acquired through the Leather S armor set, Monster Hunter Rise players can amass their wealth rather quickly.

How to farm Zennies in Monster Hunter Rise

If a player doesn't have the correct upsurge, they can cycle it by completing an easy quest. As notable Monster Hunter YouTuber Gaijin Hunter demonstrated in his video, the best target is the first quest in the game, Roly-Poly Lanterns, which can be cleared in less than a minute.

Completing the quest and returning to the village would shuffle the upsurge. Players will have to keep completing quests till there’s an upsurge of mining outcrops in the Caverns of Monster Hunter Rise.

Once mining is done, players can venture into the Lava caverns. This is where the real fun starts.

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From the main camp of the Lava Caverns, mine along the magma plateau in area 5, snag the node on the ground to the northeast, then head underground through the tunnel in area 12.

The player would land at the base of area 10, which has one mining node on the west wall. Next, head north to area 11, snagging the ore along the walls.

After scaling the vine wall in the back of 11 and ducking into the small hole on the north wall, players would be led to a secret volcanic cavern absolutely filled with ore. Here, use wirebugs and run up the wall to the top.

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Once players have gathered everything inside the volcano, the most optimal way is to fast-travel to sub-camp 2 on the west side of the map and locate the ore to the northwest. The player will have to drop down to reach it, and this lower path can also be followed east for easier mining.

That's the gist of the route. Players can sneak in other resources as they get a feel for it. Usage of palamute is crucial for the efficiency of farming. They're the fastest way to get around, and players want to make the most of the 10-minute upsurge window.

The respawn timer for the ores is four minutes in Monster Hunter Rise. If a player is fast enough, they can run this entire route twice before the upsurge ends. After just 10 minutes of mining, a player will end up with several hundred thousand Zenny's worth of ore – more than enough to fund even the most ambitious armor sets.

If a player needs more Zennies in the future, they’d have to queue up another upsurge and jump back into Monster Hunter Rise.

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