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How FaZe Jarvis tricked the entire internet into thinking he streamed Fortnite 

FaZe Jarvis recently tricked the entire world into believing that he was playing Fortnite despite his ban
FaZe Jarvis recently tricked the entire world into believing that he was playing Fortnite despite his ban
Modified 14 Sep 2020, 21:55 IST

FaZe Jarvis became infamous ever since he was unceremoniously banned from playing Fortnite in 2019.

Jarvis was caught using aim hacks during matches, and this led to Epic Games taking stringent action against the 18-year-old former Fortnite pro. The issue soon blew up all over the internet as everybody- from eminent streamers to fans- began to garner support for FaZe Jarvis.

His Fortnite ban also resulted in a viral online movement called #FreeJarvis as several began to petition Epic Games to unban him.

However, exactly a year after he was banned, Jarvis announced that he would be streaming Fortnite again:

While he proceeded to stream the game for around 15 minutes, his quest for a Victory Royale was suddenly halted when he revealed that Epic Games had banned him yet again. Soon, people began to find the entire situation shady as they speculated that Jarvis could very well have been trolling his viewers.

Now, FaZe Jarvis has released a YouTube video where he reveals how exactly he trolled the internet into believing he streamed Fortnite.

FaZe Jarvis' elaborate Fortnite troll


FaZe Jarvis's recent video has already raked in more than a million views as we get to witness the breakdown of one of the biggest trolls in recent memory.

He begins by revealing what exactly happened:

"Ever since I got banned last year, my fans have been begging me to play Fortnite like I would love to but I just can't because I'm banned and it really hurts my feelings. However there was a way I could give the fans what they want- I had to trick them.
"The first step of this master plan was to announce my first stream back. The next step was to witness the internet freaking out."

He then proceeds to reveal how he even managed to convince his manager about the legitimacy of the Fortnite stream.

He then reveals the further steps associated with his master plan, including a decoy, who in reality was Twitch streamer Slater Kodish:

"Now that the internet knew, we had to set up a fake stream so that it looked like Jarvis is playing Fortnite. So pretty much Slater was going to hide next to Jarvis with a controller in his hands and play. All Jarvis has to do is pretend that he's playing in front of the face cam. Now it was time for step 4, which was to go live."

The video then proceeds to reveal how the rest of his plan played out, and it was all going smoothly until a minor slip-up via the start menu ended up exposing his user name.

This is most likely what contributed to him getting banned yet again.

"So Jarvis officially tricked the internet and Epic into banning him by playing Fortnite. Unfortunately though, no one at the FaZe House can now play Fortnite because we got IP banned."

Despite a strategic masterstroke on the part of Jarvis, the reality is that the ban is real and as a result, FaZe Clan are now banned from streaming the game.

Published 14 Sep 2020, 21:55 IST
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