How does the FIFA 23 Out of Position promo work?

The Out of Position promo has some interesting cards (Image via EA Sports)
The Out of Position promo has some interesting cards (Image via EA Sports)

The Out of Position promo went live yesterday, and FIFA 23 players are busy trying their luck with the different in-game packs. Alternatively, they can obtain cards by completing the objectives and SBCs, guaranteeing them entrants from the new promo. Since its release, gamers have been eager to get a featured footballer from the promo, especially those with higher in-game ratings.

The current promo is the fourth one overall, following the release of OTW, RTTK, and Rulebreakers in the past. Unlike these, the Out of Position promo doesn't come with a chance at an upgrade, and doesn't offer a boost to any area in particular. However, there's a justified reason for its popularity, and it's easy to see why gamers are so eager for it.

It's important to understand the craze of the promo among FIFA 23 players, and how it works. Otherwise, they might get carried by the hype without knowing the pros and cons, and make poor financial decisions with their FUT coins.

The Out of Position promo in FIFA 23 does what its name suggests, and that's its specialty

In FIFA 23, every card has a default position, and it's important for players to play them in the same place. Not doing so essentially means that the chemistry points for the footballer will be locked, and others in the squad will also be unable to take advantage, making partial losses on their chemistry points.

While some cards have alternate positions, they are limited to a large extent. Not every good item has a suitable alternative position, and some might not have the one players want. The Out of Position promo puts contrastingly different positions on the cards that are included in it.

A great example is Mohamed Salah, who's used as an ST by many players in the game. His base card doesn't have ST as the base or alternate position, and players lose out on chemistry. His Out of Position card has ST as the base position and also comes with alternate options. Those who missed chemistry points on Salah due to the limitation can now override it without a major issue.

Naturally, these cards also have the desired stats to make them effective in their new positions. Salah's card has boosted shooting and finishing stats to ensure that it can be a threat in front of the goal. Similarly, Reece James' RW card has significantly better finishing, while Cancelo's CM variant has better dribbling and passing stats over his base card.


Many of these Out of Position cards haven't lost much on their default stats, either. Salah's promo card in FIFA 23 is equally strong at dribbling and pace, while Cancelo has good levels of defensive prowess. While this doesn't apply to all, most higher-rated cards have this benefit.

To make matters even better, EA Sports has ensured that the special cards would have alternate positions. This offers far greater options to players and opens new areas to exploit with a given footballer. Overall, it's an excellent promo with good cards, and more will be added via SBCs and the mid-week mini-release.