How to find answers for A Thousand Questions with Paimon quiz event in Genshin Impact

A Thousand Questions with Paimon can be an easy way to get Mora (Image via Genshin Impact )
A Thousand Questions with Paimon can be an easy way to get Mora (Image via Genshin Impact)
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Genshin Impact special events come around every few weeks, and "A Thousand Questions with Paimon" is making its return.

This mini-event will run for the next three days and will give players the chance to grab a bunch of free Mora.

To get this Mora, fans will need to answer trivia questions about Genshin Impact, and for each correct answer they will get rewards. Some of these questions can be tricky, as many of them are pretty specific, so gamers can find out how to find the answers here.

Genshin Impact: How to find the answers to A Thousand Questions with Paimon

A Thousand Questions with Paimon will run from 8/27 to 8/29, meaning fans have the chance to get 150,000 Mora if they get all of the questions right each day.

Gamers will need to answer ten questions each day, and each answer will provide 5000 Mora as a reward. They do have unlimited attempts, making completing this challenge a bit easier than most quizzes.

However, completing this without having all of the answers can be tricky. Here's how Genshin Impact fans can get all of the questions right.

A Thousand Questions with Paimon answer key

Thanks to the work of players in the community, an answer key has been created with all of the solutions to even the trickiest questions. To get all of the Mora from this mini-event, fans will simply need to fall back on this answer key and they will be able to get all of the questions correct each day.

How to begin A Thousand Questions with Paimon

Players have several options to start A Thousand Questions with Paimon, as they can either click the link in the official Tweet or begin it through Genshin Impact itself.

If they want to access it through Genshin Impact, they will need to open up their Paimon Menu and click the Special Event tab in the menu. This will bring up the A Thousand Questions with Paimon screen where they can begin the quiz.

Answers to some of the trickiest questions


Here are some of the answers to the trickiest questions from A Thousand Questions with Paimon:

  • Q: From which of these locations can Musk Reef be reached via a black hole?
  • A: Cape Oath.
  • Q: In the Serenitea Pot, which of the following ways can be used to obtain Furnishing Blueprints?
  • A: All of the options are true.
  • Q: When Hydro is used to extinguish the Hilichurl Berserker's torch, how does the Hilichurl Berserker react?
  • A: Takes out a match and re-ignites the torch
  • Q: Which of the following materials can be converted with Dust of Azoth?
  • A: Varunada Lacurite Gemstone
  • Q: 27. How many Fortify stacks can Zhongli's Passive Talent "Resonant Waves" provide?
  • A: 5
  • Q: What is Keqing's title in the Liyue Qixing?
  • A: Yuheng
  • Q: The Sunsettia is the most commonly found food in the game. It has no other uses apart from being eaten as-is.
  • A: False
  • Q: Beidou's Elemental Burst "Stormbreaker" creates a Thunderbeast's Targe around her. Which of the following statements about Thunderbeast's Targe is false?
  • A: Thunderbeast's Targe absorbs DMG and has 250% Absorption against Electro DMG
  • Q: Who wants a pet finch?
  • A: Qiqi
  • Q: In the Story Quest ‘Bookworm Swordsman’, which volume of “'Legend of the Shattered Halberd” did Xingqiu borrow from Chang the Ninth?
  • A: Six

A Thousand Questions with Paimon can be an easy way for Genshin Impact fans to get some Mora, as long as they have all the answers.

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