How to find Ariel in Disney Dreamlight Valley and unlock her

Ariel is one of the several disney characters present in the game (Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley)
Ariel is one of the several Disney characters present in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Image via Gameloft)

Disney Dreamlight Valley brings a fresh experience to gamers worldwide as they can enjoy a new game with many iconic characters from the houses of Pixar and Disney. There are plenty of fun things to do in the game, and one of them includes unlocking the characters.

This task is essential when one observes the game's overall theme. As one might have guessed, players are taken to a new land called Dreamland Valley. This is where all the iconic heroes and villains lived together until the great forgetting took place. The player's task is to help restore the memory of the characters who have forgotten who they were.


The main objective of Disney Dreamland Valley is quite simple - to help restore memories and bring characters back to their homes. It's relatively straightforward for most characters as players explore the land and do the quests.

However, Ariel is one of the harder ones to restore as she doesn't have a typical realm of her own. As a result, it can be pretty challenging for players without proper knowledge and information.

Unlocking Ariel in Disney Dreamlight Valley is trickier than some people think

Restoring Ariel's memory is difficult because she doesn't have a realm. Unfortunately, this doesn't apply to most in-game characters, which makes the task easier for the players. However, Ariel remains an integral part of the game, and players will want to unlock her to restore her memory.

Players must gain access to Dazzling Beach because that's the main location of the mermaid. True to her original self in the cartoons, Ariel is a mermaid and lives in a water body. Players will have to gain access to the broken-down raft in Disney Dreamlight Valley to find her.


After unlocking the Dazzle Beach region, players will need to proceed to the Skull Rock. There will be a broken-down raft called Glade of Trust near this rock, and after interacting with it, players will need to chat with Goofy. Doing so will start an in-game quest titled "The Mysterious Wreck."

Players will need to rebuild the Glade of Trust to complete the quest. Doing so will also allow the players to travel to the region where they will meet Ariel. Players will have to keep sailing until they come across an island. This is where Ariel will reside, and players can interact with her.

Ariel will initially agree to the player's request to leave the island, but it will be in vain. No matter how many attempts she makes, she will be teleported back to the same place. After this happens, Disney Dreamlight Valley players will have to interact with Ariel again.


Ariel will ask the players to build her a house in Dreamlight Valley. This will finally allow her to escape the island and players will be able to unlock her in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Once the house is built, it will also mark the game's completion of "The Lonely Island" quest.

That's all a player will be required to do if they want to unlock Ariel and restore her memories.

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