How to find Fort Haight in Elden Ring

Elden Ring dropped on February 25th. (Image via FromSoftware)
Elden Ring dropped on February 25th. (Image via FromSoftware)

Elden Ring is finally here, and like most FromSoftware games, gamers are having as much trouble navigating as they are while fighting monsters. With its enormous new open world and fast-moving mount, traversal is a huge part of the game.

An NPC will task the player to travel to Fort Haight, but he's not so kind as to inform them where exactly that is. Kenneth Haight will request players clean out his family fort of the massive swarm of hostiles that have moved in.

Where is Fort Haight in Elden Ring?

The location is marked above. (Image via
The location is marked above. (Image via

Kenneth and the Fort are located in Limgrave, in the southeast corner of the map. Players will be faced with sizable threats on their way in, and the area is packed with danger on the first approach.

Players who aren't into orienteering can simply open up their map and drop a beacon on the above location. This should allow players to easily head straight to the target. Alternatively, they can navigate their way there.

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From the starting area, a path is present to lead players to this fort. Start heading east, trudge through the swamp and scale down the cliffside. Keep the ocean in sight as it is a big obvious guidepost without having to check the map.

At the bottom of the cliff, find the road heading south and follow it. It will lead players to Fort Haight, where a Godrick Knight stands, waiting to fight.

What's in Fort Haight?

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First, Elden Ring players will find Pumpkin Heads, Godrick Knights, Rats, and other threats around every corner. The fort is also packed with helpful drops and treasures.

The Pumpkin Head outside the front ramparts of Haight drops a weapon called the Chainlink Flail. It's a solid weapon, good for strength and dexterity-based builds. It causes blood loss effects over time and comes complete with a devastating Weapon Skill called Spinning Chain.

A local corpse also provides a Smithing Stone, which can be used to improve the new flail or other weapons. There's also a tree nearby that will drop a Golden Seed, to upgrade players' flasks.

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There's an Ash of War called Bloody Slash that can be found after slaying a Knight in Fort Haight. This can be equipped onto any sword to grant a new attack skill and a Blood affinity.

Finally, a chest in Fort Haight holds the left half of the Dectus Medallion. Players need both halves to activate Grand Lift of Dectus and progress through Elden Ring's main questline.

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