How to find a Heartgem for Destiny Unearthed quest in New World

Players defending a fort in New World (Image via Amazon Games)
Players defending a fort in New World (Image via Amazon Games)

New World is a new open world MMO game filled with storylines and quests that send players across the island of Aeternum.

One of those quests is called Destiny Unearthed. It is given to players by speaking to Yonas the Hermit at Fishermen's Bend. He is an NPC that players will certainly be seeing a lot of and receiving a lot of quests from.


When you are tasked with the Destiny Unearthed quest, Yonas the Hermit will have you become a Soulwarden in New World. Here's how to complete this quest.

How to find a Heartgem in New World

Players battling at the Amrine Excavation site (Image via Amazon Games)
Players battling at the Amrine Excavation site (Image via Amazon Games)

After you have spoken to Yonas the Hermit and received the Destiny Unearthed quest in New World, the quest requires you to travel to the Amrine Excavation site and locate a Heartgem. Players must make their way to the Amrine Excavation point of interest located in the northern part of the Windsward territory.

This quest is recommended for groups and players above level 25, so get yourself some buddies to complete the journey to ensure you don't get defeated or frustrated. There's a big boss battle at this site where you could certainly use some help.

As you arrive at the Amrine Excavation site, you will probably be wondering where the Heartgem is. The only way to obtain it is by defeating Simon Grey, the final boss of the area's Obelisk Cavern.

After you defeat this powerful level 26 enemy and his Star Excavation Workers, you will receive the 'Expedition Completed' notification. Players must be careful not to assume the quest is over. Loot Simon Grey's bag, take any items from the supply stockpile, and most importantly, retrieve the Heartgem from the glowing blue pedestal in the room where you fought.

Now, use the Expedition Exit Portal in this New World location to travel back to Fisherman's Bend. Find Yonas the Hermit in the same place as before and speak to him.

You can now complete the quest and inform him that you've found a Heartgem. He will reward you with a Soulwarden's Ring, a Tier III uncommon jewelry item with a pickup bind.

The Soulwarden's Ring in New World provides the player with a +13 Focus perk and adds 340 gear score to your character. This is a mission you will definitely want to complete as soon as possible to receive those sweet bonuses.

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