How to find the Trident of the Dark Tides in Sea of Thieves

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Captain Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, and the Trident of the Dark Tides all made their way to Sea of Thieves in the Season 3 update. Pirates of the Caribbean is the main theme of A Pirate's Life, and players have a new item to pursue.

The Trident of the Dark Tides is a usable weapon in Sea of Thieves that players can use to fight A.I. enemies or player enemies. It adds more depth to the list of weapons players can choose from in the pirate sandbox.

When players use the Trident of the Dark Tides, it shoots out bubbles that deal damage as they connect to a target. Like other weapons, the Trident of the Dark Tides can be charged to change the size of bubbles.

The longer the Trident is charged in the player's hand, the larger the bubble itself will be. Larger Trident bubbles will deal more damage adjacent to their size, but they will also slow down in speed.

Of course, before players can begin shooting any trident bubbles, they need to get the weapon itself. For that, they'll need to go sailing with Captain Jack Sparrow.

How to obtain the Trident of the Dark Tides on Sea of Thieves


To obtain the Trident of the Dark Tides on Sea of Thieves, players need to participate in the A Pirate's Life event. More specifically, tall tales need to be taken on in order to have a chance.

Tall tales themselves can be obtained near the Castaway npc that is found at the docks in every Outpost. On a beached ship behind the Castaway, there are five books that each will start a tall tale, but they need to be done in order, starting with A Pirate's Life.

Regardless of which tall tale the players are on, there will be a chance to find the Trident of the Dark Tides. Simply engaging in events within the tall tale can end up in a trident reward.

That means players can collect rewards by searching through shipwrecks, defeating one of the Siren Leaders, or exploring Skeleton Forts. Even searching on beaches may end up in a Trident of the Dark Tides discovery, but they aren't guaranteed.

As time goes on, players will likely find further ways to obtain a trident in Sea of Thieves. Once players find their own and complete the tall tales, the trident can still be used throughout the pirate sandbox.

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