How to find and use Igna Weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The name is a bit deceptive (Image via Monolith Soft)
The name is a bit deceptive (Image via Monolith Soft)

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 players will find themselves slaying a ton of different unique enemies to make their way through the world. Some monsters are enormous threats, while others are simple foes holding something the player might want.

The game features a unique fetch quest system called Collectopaedia Cards, which requires the player to find certain items. Players will have to hunt down tons of specific monsters to take what they have and give it to people. Luckily, not every item will be tough to find, and not every monster will be hard to defeat.

How to get Igna Weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 players will encounter a ton of Ignas as they journey across the huge open world. One of the most common enemies is the large bipedal lizard, the Igna, who drops its weapon upon death.

The first place that players will find a swarm of Igna will be at the Syra Hovering Reefs. This area will be open after the completion of Chapter 4, after players best the Keeves Castle region.

Head south from Colony 11 to run into a ton of Ignas around level 37 or above. If players stop at every landmark they can find as they head south, they can set up a solid farm. Just Skip Travel to any selected landmark to cause the Igna to respawn so the player can slay them again.

The Igna Weapon is a fairly likely drop from Ignas. If the player travels through and takes down every lizard they encounter, they'll end up with a ton of these Igna Weapons in their inventory.

Using Igna Weapons

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Despite the name, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 players won't be using Igna Weapons to slay their foes. Though they can't be equipped, they still have a usage that will make players stronger.

Players will occasionally be asked to find Igna Weapons to complete Collectopaedia Cards. However, much better use for this item is crafting gems.

The Stealcleaver III gem increases attack by 30. To craft this, it'll require an Igna Weapon, a Gemstone, an Elegant Ansel Feather, an Ardun Horn, a Jagron Fossil, and an Ether Cylinder.

With the Analyse Weakness III gem, players get 30% additional damage with each critical hit. Crafting this gem takes an Igna Horn, a Gemstone, a Withered Kapiba Branch, a Pale Skeeter Wing, a Gromrice, and an Ether Cylinder.

Finally, the Steady Striker VII gem reduces the time between auto-attacks by 32%. This gem needs 15 Igna Weapons, two Ultra-Pure Gemstones, 15 Ottil’s Clambreaking Stone, 15 Drague Everflames, 15 Vvarga Razor Horns, and 10 Blue Chains, and three Ether Cylinders.

Igna Weapons are fairly easy to acquire en masse, with a few great uses. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 players only have to set up the proper farm and take down every large lizard they see to make what they want.

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