How to fix Bad Request 400 error in Roblox

Solutions for fixing Bad Request 400 error in Roblox (Image via Roblox)
Solutions for fixing Bad Request 400 error in Roblox (Image via Roblox)

When you’re trying to play Roblox and keep getting the “Bad Request 400” error, it can put a wrench in your plans.

The “Bad Request 400” error results from your device and Roblox attempting to communicate but failing miserably. It’s an error that covers a broad set of issues, so the reason for its occurrence can be a shot in the dark.

However, there are specific causes and solutions for fixing the “Bad Request 400” error in Roblox.

Roblox: Fixing the “Bad Request 400” error

1) Check Roblox’s server status


Before wasting your time trying to fix the “Bad Request 400” error in Roblox, check the server status for the game instead. It’s possible (and more likely) that the issue is coming from Roblox’s own servers.

It has its own official status page for just such an occasion to let players know when they can play.

2) Reset your internet connection


Gamers dealing with the “Bad Request 400” error should first reset and reconnect their internet connection. Your device and Roblox are trying to communicate, but something isn’t working, such as a bad connection or being timed out.

By unplugging the modem and reconnecting, a fresh connection can be made.

3) Clear cache and cookies in your browser


Your browser’s cache and cookies can be a great way to keep temporary files for Roblox, allowing the website to load faster and save your username and password. However, sometimes, it causes issues, as those temporary files can become corrupted.

Corrupted cache and cookies are known to cause the “Bad Request 400” error. The act of deleting those temporary files cleans house, essentially. The website might load slower the first few times when using it, but it’s a small price to pay to resolve the error.

4) Check Roblox’s status within your firewall


Your computer’s firewall is designed to be helpful against unauthorized access. However, Roblox isn’t a threat.

If your firewall is blocking Roblox, it ultimately prevents any interaction with the website and, more importantly, the game, causing the “Bad Request 400” error.

5) Reinstall Roblox


After you’ve followed through with every solution and you’re still experiencing the “Bad Request 400” error, reinstall Roblox. Over time, files associated with Roblox may have become corrupted.

An update isn’t going to fix that. While it’s an arduous process, a fresh installation can replace old, busted files. The same should be done with Studio.

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