How to fix the bug in The Sunken Pearl in Sea of Thieves

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Image via Rare

The latest Sea of Thieves update delivers some great stories that tie in with Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean, but have been met with some unfortunate bugs.

Many players are coming across issues with Season 3 and A Pirate's Life. Granted, those that aren't are having an absolute blast with the most recent addition to Sea of Thieves.


A couple of bugs that seem to be ocurring more and more deal with the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale. Players are having issues with getting past barriers, fights spawning, and puzzles appearing. They all seem to be related.

How to fix the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale bug in Sea of Thieves

Image via Rare
Image via Rare

These bugs can cause players to lose a bit of progress, but there is a single and simple fix. Every single one can be resolved with the same action, no matter what glitch or bug is taking place in Sea of Thieves.

Players will know the glitch has been encountered when the glowing coral near these doors and barriers is not flashing at all. Make sure the puzzle has been solved first, as that has been a common mistake.

If it has been, then unfortunately, the bug is in the game. The same can be said if the Kraken boss fight and puzzles are simply not spawning. The reason behind this has been possibly revealed.

The developers of Sea of Thieves implemented a system which has gone a bit awry. If another player or group of players has completed these objectives just before, it won't let the player take part it in.

To fix it, it is as easy as moving to another server. It won't completely send the player back to the start of the quest either. Players can start in the new server from one of the statues that lets them return to their ship.

These act as checkpoints in Sea of Thieves. Yes, a little progress will be deleted, but it isn't as detrimental as having to start completely over or having a game so bugged that moving forward isn't even a possibility.

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