Where to find the Black Pearl in Sea of Thieves: The Sunken Pearl

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Image via Rare

The latest Sea of Thieves update has brought Captain Jack Sparrow to the game in a Pirates of the Caribbean crossover.

This crossover brings Sea of Thieves players the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale. It leads them on a harrowing adventure to find the infamous Black Pearl in the depths of the sea.


The Tall Tale requires a master of the open seas. Not just any pirate will be able to find the Black Pearl and help Jack Sparrow retrieve his compass. The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale is one for the ages.

Where to find the Black Pearl in Sea of Thieves

Image via Rare
Image via Rare

For players to locate the Black Pearl in Sea of Thieves, they will need to first start the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale. This is as simple as voting for it to receive the book and begin the journey.

The Mysterious Castaway will begin to tell the tale of the Sunkern Pearl at that time. She reminds players of the previous Tall Tale, what must be done in the Sunken Pearl, and what will happen if failure arises.

After all of that, Sea of Thieves players will receive a Sunken Pearl Quest Book. The final two pages of that book will contain sketches that players should follow to the destination drawn.

The sketches will lead players to the southwest corner of the Sea of Thieves map. A good marker is to think of it as North of Shark Bait Cove and south/farther west of Old Salt's Atoll.

As players get close, a bright blue beacon will shine down on the objective. Head toward that beacon as the music begins to pick up. Players will know they are in the right spot when the sea is covered in debris.

Dive beneath the surface here and follow a trail of that debris deeper and deeper. The trail goes on for quite some time so use the bubbles rising from the debris along the path to replenish air.

Once the end of the debris trail is reached, behold the Black Pearl. This is the first part of the Sunken Black Pearl Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves with more taking place after this long dive into the sea.

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