How to fix lag, glitches, and frame drops in PUBG Mobile in 2021

How to reduce lag and other issues in PUBG Mobile (Image via PUBG Mobile / Facebook)
How to reduce lag and other issues in PUBG Mobile (Image via PUBG Mobile / Facebook)
Nishant Thakkar

PUBG Mobile has established itself amongst the top titles of the battle royale genre on the mobile segment. A smooth and lag-free experience is everything that a gamer desires to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Lag, frame drops, and glitches destroy the overall gaming experience. They are the problems that every player dreads, and many users look for methods on the internet which could help reduce these issues.

This article provides several tips that could enable players to reduce such problems to a certain extent in PUBG Mobile.

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How to fix lag, glitches, and frame drops in PUBG Mobile in 2021


Close all the applications running the background

Users are recommended to close all the apps that are running in the background on their devices. They consume a chunk of RAM, which directly affects the smoothness of the game.

Moreover, specific applications also use up data, which could lead to a spike in the ping of players. Therefore, they can consider shutting down the other applications before starting PUBG Mobile.

Reducing graphics

The smoothness and functionality of the game depend on the device which players are using. To have the best possible frame rates, users can think about reducing the graphics of PUBG Mobile.

This could offer them higher frames and less lag.

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Disabling auto-update and sync feature of Google Play Store

The Play Store has a unique feature that automatically updates apps on the devices as soon as they are made available. They occupy a high amount of data, leading to an increase in the ping. Moreover, the sync option synchronizes the data to other apps.

In case users disable this option, they have to manually synchronize their data to apps like Gmail and Yahoo Mail. However, this also means that the internet wouldn’t be consumed for it.

Clearing cache

Apart from this, clearing the cache is another viable option for players. It enables them to free up a significant portion of memory.

In case of low storage, the cache becomes a hindrance for the phones, although it is actually the data of a particular application that helps it function smoothly.

Anti-cheat code of PUBG Mobile
Anti-cheat code of PUBG Mobile

Users must not resort to the usage of tools like GFX as they are illegal. The use of third-party applications is against the anti-cheat code of Tencent, and the accounts of players might get banned for doing so.

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