"We have no clue why Skylight Gaming was there in an early fight against Zeus Esports": PMPL SA Champions DRS Gaming open up on their win

DRS Gaming. Image via Sportskeeda.
DRS Gaming. Image via Sportskeeda.
Ajay Assudani

PUBG Mobile Pro league South Asia Season 3 concluded two days ago with Nepali organization "DRS Gaming" emerging as tournament champions. The team is all set to play at the next stage of the tournament, i.e., the regional championship.

DRS Gaming and Zeus Esports had almost similar points until the second-to-last match of the tournament. In the final, another team named Skylight Gaming fought against Zeus Esports, leading many fans to believe that DRS Gaming and Skylight Gaming had teamed up against Zeus Esports.

The following is an excerpt from a discussion DRS Gaming players had with Ajay Assudani in which they discussed their win and shared their thoughts on various aspects of the gaming industry.

DRS Gaming players bares all in an exclusive interview

Q. How has the journey been from Unity Esports to DRS Gaming?

A. Speaking of the transition from Unity Esports to DRS Gaming, it has been a fantastic experience for all of us. We had many ups and downs and a lot of learning, which helped us get better.

Q. What was your family's reaction when they learned about your victory in PMPL South Asia?

A. They used to tell us to study instead of spending so much time on my phone, playing games, because you can't be successful if you don't study well and get good grades. When they found out that we could do something in games too, and when we won the championship, all of our families became quite supportive of our gaming career.

Q. The team performance in PMGC Dubai was average. What changes have you guys made since then to improve your performance and finally win PMPL SA?

A. So, when we were in Dubai, our performance was subpar because we were in a new place, in a new environment, and everything was new to us. We made our own mistakes. After the bad experience, we began training again to become better. We improved our strategies, synergized, and began devoting more time to the game to perform well in future events. It resulted in our victory in PMPL SA.

Q. Which team do you believe will be your toughest competition in the upcoming regional championship?

A. So the toughest team for us will undoubtedly be Zeus Esports, as we competed against them in the PMPL SA. Their performance impressed us.

Q. There have been a lot of thoughts in the minds of PMPL SA fans about the last match, and many of them have been accused of teaming up with Skylight Gaming against Zeus Esports. What do you have to say about it?

A. We can state that we played fairly. We have no clue why Skylight Gaming was in an early fight against Zeus Esports.

Some people made it appear that way, but there was nothing of the sort. We never intended to target zeus esports or team up against them.

We played the game fairly and will strive to do so in the future while maintaining good sportsmanship.

Q. What exactly happened to cause SANJAN CR7's removal from the team?

A. Basically, while we were celebrating, one of our team members was doing a live video in which SANJAN CR7 said something that he was not supposed to say in front of the audience. It was against the organization's rules, so we decided to take the necessary action.

Q. What will be the roster in the upcoming regional championship?

A. The roster will be the same, i.e. (DRSZAJ, DRSXMBORO, DRSXMAFIANINJA, DRSXNima, DRSXGYALZEN), and we have no plans to change the roaster for now.

Q Let’s have some words on runner-ups of the tournament Zeus Esports. What are your thoughts on the team?

A. Zeus Esports is one of the most difficult competitors we have faced to date. It was a fantastic experience confronting them at PMPL SA. We were able to learn a great deal from them.

Q. What was your favorite Indian PUBG Mobile Team and player before the ban of the game in India, and why?

A. TSM Entity is, in our opinion, the best team in India. Individual abilities possessed by those players are out of the ordinary. If you were to ask us who the best player in India is, we would say ScOutOP. That guy is completely insane.

Q. What do you think the scenario would have been if Indian teams had competed in the regional championship?

A. If Indian teams competed, the game would be more interesting and more difficult because there are so many good teams in India. We would also be given more things to learn.

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