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How to flatten the ground in Valheim: Step-by-step guide for beginners

(Image via Iron Gate Studios)
(Image via Iron Gate Studios)
Tee Kay
Modified 22 Feb 2021

Valheim's terrain has many uneven surfaces that can be an absolute pain for players unless one knows how to flatten the ground effectively.

It is essential to flatten the ground in Valheim, especially when constructing a structure on that spot. This is because uneven surfaces pose a threat to the entire structure collapsing, but this can also result in weaker parts.

Players will require a hoe to start leveling the ground. Crafting a hoe on the workbench requires five units of wood and two units of stone. Once crafted, the player can flatten the ground in their desired area by using the hoe.

However, there are a few mechanics of Valheim that players need to remember while flattening the ground.

How to flatten ground in Valheim

Flattening the ground in Valheim can be an extremely tricky task as there's no visible value at which the flattening occurs.

The basic mechanic behind flattening the ground in Valheim depends on where the character's feet are placed. The ground is flattened at the level at which the player's character is standing in Valheim.


This means that one should select a reference point as the optimal surface level and use the hoe to flatten the entire stretch of ground in reach without moving from the spot. This will allow one to flatten a large space of land at their optimal surface level.

Additionally, players can stand at any point of the flattened ground to further expand the leveled ground's stretch. Although flattening the ground doesn't require additional resources, players must use stones to raise the ground at a certain spot.

Due to Valheim's real-world mechanics, it seems obvious that some aspects of the game would be trickier than others. However, much like in life, this Viking-themed survival sandbox game is ideal for players to explore and learn more about Valheim.


The developers at Iron Gate Studios have done an excellent job with the game. Needless to say, the community has been showing their appreciation. More than three million players signed up within the first month of the game's early access. Valheim will certainly have a lot more to offer in the future.

Published 22 Feb 2021, 20:52 IST
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