How to get 5-star artifacts in Genshin Impact: Beginner's guide

Players can use 5-star artifacts to greatly improve their characters. (image via Genshin Impact)
Players can use 5-star artifacts to greatly improve their characters. (image via Genshin Impact)

In Genshin Impact, artifacts are the backbone of a character’s build. Players equip their characters with the best artifacts they own, buffing the characters’ base stats.

There are many ways to obtain artifacts, but the 5-star artifacts are rather rare, especially for early-game players.

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A beginner’s guide to getting 5-star artifacts in Genshin Impact

After reaching Adventure Rank 45, players can challenge the most difficult chambers in any artifacts domain. By completing these challenges and offering original or condensed resin, players will receive at least one 5-star artifact.

Artifacts domain reward preview (image via Genshin Impact)
Artifacts domain reward preview (image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact players may also receive 5-star artifacts from the second-hardest artifacts domain challenges, which unlock at Adventure Rank 40. However, a 5-star artifact reward isn’t guaranteed here.

As many have noticed, the artifact system involves a lot of RNG. There’s luck when it comes to an artifact’s set, the type of piece it is, its stats, and substats. Also, the substat improvements when an artifact is leveled up are also random. So, to obtain good artifacts from domains, players may need to spend a large amount of resin.

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How to find 5-star artifacts in Genshin Impact in the early game

Apart from artifact domains, boss battles also offer 5-star artifacts, but from the Gladiator’s Finale and Wanderer’s Troupe sets only. Genshin Impact players can even get 5-atar artifacts from weekly bosses as early as Adventure Rank 30, though the chances are slim.

Once players reach Adventure Rank 35, 5-star artifacts will be more common among weekly boss rewards.

Weekly Boss reward preview (image via Genshin Impact)
Weekly Boss reward preview (image via Genshin Impact)

Furthermore, even prior to Adventure Rank 30, Genshin Impact players still have one way of getting a 5-star artifact. Early-game players can complete the “Nine Pillars of Peace” quest for massive rewards, including this rare asset.

To complete this quest, players must first collect Geoculus and level up the Statue of the Seven in Liyue to its maximum. By doing this, Travelers receive nine Stones of Resonance.

Players should take these stones to Cuije Slope, climb each pillar, and place the stones inside to activate them. When all pillars have been activated, a tomb will open where players can challenge the enemies inside. After defeating the enemies, players will gain access to a Luxurious Chest, a Precious Chest, and an antique called “Royal Flora.”


Interacting with the antique unlocks the “Legendary Treasure” achievement and awards one 5-star artifact.

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