How to get Arena Medals in Horizon Forbidden West

Earn Arena Medals in the Arena (Image via Guerrilla Games)
Earn Arena Medals in the Arena (Image via Guerrilla Games)
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The Arena is a new type of activity introduced in Horizon Forbidden West. It’s an opportunity for players to test their skills, similar to the Hunting Grounds from Horizon Zero Dawn.

While the Hunting Grounds have returned to Horizon Forbidden West, the Arena is a more focused and controlled form of challenge. By participating, players can earn Arena Medals, a viable form of currency for purchasing incredibly strong equipment. Here’s what players need to know about the Arena to test your skill:

Horizon Forbidden West: Where to find the Arena and get Arena Medals


To start earning Arena Medals in Horizon Forbidden West, players will have to find the Arena first and complete a few prerequisite quests. Firstly, complete the main story quest, "The Kulrut." This involves Memorial Grove, Chief Hekarro and the Sky Clan.

Next is completing “Opening the Arena." Speak to Kalla and Dukkah just outside the entrance of the Arena. They will ask Aloy to retrieve Sinew from a Rollerback and Bristleback Tusks, similar to gathering Charger Horns for the “A Bigger Boom” side quest.


With the Arena now open, speak with Kalla to participate in the challenges. It’s important to note that Aloy will only have access to the currently-equipped weapons.

So read the synopsis and equip the necessary weapons and armor before accepting the challenge.

The most daunting of challenges will give Aloy a specific loadout, however. This is because the hardest challenges are tied to a leaderboard and keep the field level for all. You'll get to see how you've fared against other players.


Once a challenge is completed in Horizon Forbidden West, Arena Medals are awarded. However, the challenge must be completed within the time limit; otherwise, Aloy will not receive Arena Medals. If a challenge is particularly difficult, consider lowering the game’s difficulty; it will not affect the rewards.

After completing a few challenges and earning enough Arena Medals, Dukkah will accept them as currency. She’s found the opposite of Kalla, outside the Arena gates.

Some of the best equipment in the game is sold by Dukkah and offers amazing bonuses. Bring any medals earned from Hunting Grounds; Dukkah accepts those as well.

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