How to get more Azoth in New World

Image via Amazon Games
Image via Amazon Games
Brandon Moore

New World has a large variety of special items that grant incredible skills to players.

One of those items is Azoth. In New World, Azoth is about as rare as they come. This mysterious substance has a handful of magical properties about it, giving players a wild ability.

That ability is to fast travel and enhance your weapons while crafting in New World. Fast travel is a useful tool in MMO games. Being able to move from place to place in a matter of seconds is invaluable.

New World: How to get Azoth

Image via Amazon Games
Image via Amazon Games

Obtaining Azoth in New World requires you to take part in a lot of combat. There is only one method in the game that has dropped this rare material that is known as of this time.

You will have to defeat level 20 or higher mobs to get your hands on some Azoth. There are enemies with a blue aura surrounding them. The enemies with this glowing feature will give you Azoth if you take them out.

You will have to grind a bit to reach the point where taking out these foes in New World becomes less difficult. Gather powerful armor, weapons, and skills to slay them and gain Azoth.

Once gathered, Azoth can be used to travel from anywhere in New World to any settlement of your choice. Those who love exploring the world won't need to bother, but those who want to pick up the pace will want Azoth.

This rare resource gets used up every time you fast travel as well, so you are going to need a lot of it to fast travel more frequently. Otherwise, you'll be stuck walking everywhere you go.

In terms of Azoth's other capabilities, New World players can use it while crafting to increase the power of bonuses that are on the crafted item. It can also be used to respec the Mastery Tree of a weapon.

No wonder a resource like Azoth is so hard to come by. Keep searching for those higher leveled bad guys and the ones with the blue glow to get yourself some.

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