How to get Crystalline Aura in Lost Ark

Crystalline Aura is a convenient in-game boost (Image via YouTube/Smilegate)
Crystalline Aura is a convenient in-game boost (Image via YouTube/Smilegate)
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Lost Ark is finally coming to the Western market, thanks partly to Amazon Games, and is set to be released on February 11, 2022, on PC. Most importantly, Lost Ark is launching for free.

Of course, that means money needs to be made in other ways like Founder’s Packs and an in-game store. One item, in particular, the Crystalline Aura, is dubbed as a “Subscription Service Item.” It’s Lost Ark’s version of a subscription service.

When bought, the Crystalline Aura is a nice in-game boost that offers many bonuses.

Lost Ark: What is Crystalline Aura and how to get it


For those who purchased a Founder’s Pack, any edition, you will find a new item in your inventory: Crystalline Aura. For those who haven’t, Crystalline Aura can be purchased for 420 Crystals, or $9.99. The most substantial version is available for more but only lasts longer.

The benefits of Crystalline Aura are:

  • Triporter usage is free
  • Overseas liner fee is 50% less
  • Daily relationship actions +1 attempt
  • Natural regeneration of life energy +10%
  • Usable bifrost slots +2
  • Cooldown Song of Return -50%
  • Stronghold: research time -10%
  • Fortress: Production Time -10%
  • Fortress: Expedition Time -10%
  • Stronghold: Action Energy – Default Regeneration Amount +10%
  • Unlock Ultimate Antistress for Fortress Training Grounds (XP Gained per Minute: 7,000)
  • Crystal Patron title applied (while benefit lasts)
  • Use companion effect and companion function (while benefit lasts)

Considering the benefits Crystalline Aura provides, they are very beneficial to players. The Triporter usage being free, for example, is a fantastic bonus; it's how Lost Ark handles fast travel, which can get expensive early on. What Crystalline Aura ultimately offers is convenience.

With that said, it’s best to hold onto the Crystalline Aura until the player is settled into the game and gets a handle on its mechanics. It doesn’t activate immediately after it has been purchased and can be left in the inventory. In fact, players may want to wait until after reaching the end-game content.

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