How to get to the Dragon Isles as an Alliance and Horde player in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Here's how you get to the Dragon Isles in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Day 1 of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight made getting to the Dragon Isles pretty tricky. Several bugs have resulted in a temporary portal being placed for players to use. It is no longer in the game, you must travel to the area via normal means. Thankfully, it is simple enough to get to the new area and work on aiding the Aspects.

Both Alliance and Horde players have easy access to the Dragon Isles, and once you are there, you can set a hearthstone to any of the inns across the island for easy access.

How do you get to the Dragon Isles in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight?

Perhaps an essential part of this is that you have to have already purchased the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion. You cannot tackle this content without it. It doesn't matter which version of the expansion you have as long as you have it. In addition, you must also be level 58 or higher.

Each faction has its way of getting to the Dragon Isles initially. You should already have access to the Dragonscale Expedition questline. You can find it in the "Quests" section of your UI.


You will see the Dragon Isles Await quest if you have completed it. Here are the steps for the Alliance and Horde for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, starting with the Alliance.

How to get to the Dragon Isles in the Alliance

  • Head to Stormwind and talk to Wraithon
  • Listen to Wraithon and Turalyon, and listen to what happened during Shadowlands
  • Toddy Whiskers grants the Expeditionary Coordination quest to complete
  • Interact with Scalecommander Azurathel for the Obsidian Warders quest
  • After you complete both quests, head to the Stormwind Harbor
  • Speak to Archmage Khadgar
  • Speak to Toddy Whiskers and accept To The Dragon Isles!
  • Board the ship when it docks

The Horde has a very similar path to the Dragon Isles. Instead of heading to Stormwind Harbor, they'll head to Orgrimmar and will be heading outside the capital city. You will follow similar steps to get to the Dragon Isles, and here is what you need to do as a Horde player.

How to get to the Dragon Isles as a member of the Horde

  • Speak to Ebyssian in Orgrimmar, accept the quests given
  • Speak to Scalecommander Cinderethresh to get the Dark Talons' quest
  • Give the orders to Kodethi and Dark Talon
  • Accept the Expeditionary Coordination quest
  • Complete these quests, then leave the city, heading to the Zepplin Tower by the water
  • Speak to Naleidea Rivergleam outside of the tower
  • Accept the To The Dragon Isles! quest
  • Wait for the Zepplin to arrive, and get on board

Now you have access to the Dragon Isles in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, and you can easily travel back and forth via boat, Zeppelin, or a hearthstone, once you've called the new zone home.

After arriving on Waking Shores, you'll immediately start picking up quests and have an inn to stop and activate your hearthstone, should you need to head back to your capital city for any reason.

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