How to get the Frost Dragon in Roblox Adopt Me! (2021)

The Frost Dragon and Shadow Dragon have similar shapes and sizes (Image via DreamCraft)
The Frost Dragon and Shadow Dragon have similar shapes and sizes (Image via DreamCraft)
Shane Foley

Roblox Adopt Me! is full of exotic and rare pets, and the Frost Dragon is one of the rarest of the lot.

Whereas other pet collection games on Roblox usually stick with ordinary animals, Adopt Me! has a large pool of mythical beasts in the game; everything from Griffins to Unicorns can be collected and trained. Several of the more unique pets, though, are incredibly difficult to come by. The Frost Dragon is among the rarest pets in Roblox Adopt Me!, and therefore holds a very high trade value.

How can Roblox Adopt Me! players get the incredibly rare Frost Dragon?

The Frost Dragon was a celebratory pet introduced to the Roblox Adopt Me! Christmas Event in December 2019. When it hit the shop, it was available for 1,000 Robux.

Unfortunately, though, the Frost Dragon left the shop in January 2020. That means this pet is no longer available; the only Frost Dragons in existence come from that December to January time period.

Since the Frost Dragon isn’t on the market anymore, the only real way to obtain this legendary pet is to trade for it. It may seem impossible, but there are Roblox Adopt Me! players with rare pets like the Frost Dragon that they are willing to trade for other objects of value.

Typically, the best way to entice someone to trade a Frost Dragon is to offer another rare pet with a special skin. Golden pets are perfect for this; the Golden Griffin, Golden Unicorn, Golden Dragon, and Golden Ladybug are each close in value to the Frost Dragon.

Other rare beasts that could be good trade value for Frost Dragons would be a Cobra, T-Rex or a Shark. Pairing these beasts with a couple of other valuable pets is a great way to put up a good trade offer.

The Frost Dragon is basically an ice-type version of the Shadow Dragon. They both have a similar shape and size. The Frost Dragon simply swaps out the black skeletal body for a light blue skin. When trained, the Frost Dragon can even breathe ice.

Edited by Danyal Arabi
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