How to get Hesperon in Warframe

Warframe has seen a steady rise in popularity over the years (Image via Digital Extremes)
Warframe has seen a steady rise in popularity over the years (Image via Digital Extremes)

Warframe is a free-to-play MMO shooter by Digital Extremes that is available on almost every modern platform. Like many other games in the genre, this title features a wide list of resources to collect and create gear with. One of the resources players can find in their travels is Hesperon.

Like many resources in any multiplayer game, players are often given a way to grind for these resources. Whether it be defeating a certain type of enemy or discovering a certain collection point for the resource, each element has a different farming method.

Hesperon is a clay-like substance that cannot be traded or sold. This item can be crafted into Hespazym Alloy to be made into cosmetic and K-Drive items. Here's a comprehensive guide to how players can find the resource and efficiently farm for the same.

Guide to mining for Hesperon in Warframe

A player mining resources in Warframe (Image via Digital Extremes)
A player mining resources in Warframe (Image via Digital Extremes)

The only way to obtain resources like Hesperon in Warframe is by mining them. Mining is a non-combat action players can perform in certain parts of the overworld to obtain various mineral-like resources. This can be done in any of the open areas of the explorable planets in the game.

Before players can begin mining, they need to get their hands on a Nosam Cutter. This item can be obtained from Old man Suumbaat in Cetus for Ostron Standing. Players can also opt to get the Sunpoint Plasma Drill from Smokefinger in Fortuna in exchange for Solaris United Standing. Regardless of what players choose, the items function identically.

Once the player has their mining gear of choice, they need to equip it. After doing so, they can begin to look for the various mining spots hidden around the explorable areas. Various color-coated spots on rocks and boulders around the map indicate that that exact spot can be mined for resources.


Coming back to finding Hesperon in Warframe, players can finally begin their hunt for this resource. Players looking to accumulate a lot of Hesperon should turn their attention to the only place where it can be found, Orb Vallis.

Each available mining spot comes in a few different colors. While many players are under the impression that this indicates rarity, this is not the case. The different colors actually indicate the type of resource that can be found in that specific spot. For Hesperon, players will want to look for red cracks on rocks and boulders around the map. These particular formations will have Hesperon in them.

Some notable gear that can be crafted with the Hesperon-made Hespazym Alloy include:

  • Baruuk Chassis
  • Baruuk Neuroptics
  • Caliban Chassis
  • Tatsu (Two-Handed Nikana)

After farming enough of these mining spots, players should have enough Hesperon for whatever they need. Keep in mind, Hesperon must first be converted into the Alloy before it can be used in any of its crafting recipes.

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