How to get the Mab Dachi in Bayonetta 3

The Umbra Witches (Image via Nintendo)
The Umbra Witches (image via Nintendo)

The alluring Umbral Witch has returned once more in her third entry of the series, Bayonetta 3. The title is an action-adventure, hack-and-slash video game with style and elegance, along with a dash of over-the-top action. Created by developer Platinum Games of Nier Automata fame, the title was released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on October 28, 2022.

It features several playable characters, including Bayonetta, other Bayonettas from alternate universes, and the all-new playable character, Viola. They must face off against the man-made Homunculi and the entity, known simply as the Singularity, that threatens to destroy the entire multiverse.

The game features several weapons and demons for the player to utilize for each character, along with a host of collectibles. This article will talk about the Mab Dachi weapon in particular.

Disclaimer: Minor spoilers for Bayonetta 3 may follow. Viewer discretion is advised.

A closer look at the Mab Dachi in Bayonetta 3

The Mab Dachi (image via Bayonetta wiki)
The Mab Dachi (image via Bayonetta wiki)

The Mab Dachi is an ōdachi sword. It is Viola’s signature weapon in the game and is bound to the Infernal cat-like Demon Cheshire. The cat doll on the sword’s hilt indicates the demon’s presence when he’s not out and about. It is the only weapon that Viola can use besides her darts.

Based on its official description, the Mab Dachi is:

"A long-bladed katana said to have been forged by a renowned blacksmith in medieval Japan after being instructed to do so in a dream by Queen Mab, the queen of the faeries. Said to be able to cut through anything when in the hands of a skilled swordsman, it was used by a procession of famed warriors over a long history of war."

The description continues:

"The blade is inhabited by the Infernal Demon Cheshire, a creature that is seemingly equal parts mischievous cat and trained bear, and that manifests using the charm hanging from Mab Dachi's hilt when summoned by Viola."

The Mab Dachi is Viola's default weapon and gets automatically equipped when players select her. She is playable in certain chapters of the game.

Unique abilities of the Mab Dachi


The Mab Dachi augments Viola’s skills in Bayonetta 3, with several unique properties:

  • It can deal regular slash moves using the attack button.
  • The Mab Dachi can be thrown at enemies and summoned back, similar to a boomerang.
  • Dodging and parrying at the last second unlocks Witch Time for Viola. It is the only means of accessing her said ability in Bayonetta 3.
  • The Mab Dachi can hold charges, which are indicated by flames. They can be used to deal large AoE damage, similar to weapons such as the Shuraba and Rakshasa.
  • It can be used to summon Cheshire.
  • While Cheshire is summoned, the sword being the demon itself cannot be used by Viola. Instead, she fights bare-handed, but is still potent in combat.
  • Cheshire is not controllable via the player when summoned and attacks of his own free will.

Who is Viola in Bayonetta 3?

The young goth-punk Umbral-Witch-in-training from a parallel universe, Viola is one of the three playable characters in the game.


She arrives from a universe not too different from Bayonetta’s own and is initially seen battling the Homunculi invading their world. After the deaths of Bayonetta and Sigurd, Viola escapes via the world bridge to the world of the mainline Bayonetta to warn her of the invasion of the Homunculi, and possibly change her fate.

Viola, unlike Bayonetta, has a temper and is considerably less mature in her fighting style. She has a unique, violent style of fighting and barely engages in banter.

Despite all the controversies, it is easily the best iteration in the series to date, and one of the best titles on the platform as well.

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