How to get the Medic Achievement in Halo Infinite

Utilize teammates in Custom Modes for revival. (Image via 343 Industries)
Utilize teammates in Custom Modes for revival. (Image via 343 Industries)
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The Medic Achievement has been part of the full list of achievements in Halo Infinite since the game launched last year. However, it was impossible to unlock, given that there was no way to revive any players until Attrition was added to the game in Season 1.

Even with Attrition added, the achievement was still not tracked because the Elimination mode was still the only mode that counted and didn't exist. Players had to wait until the Season 2 update of Halo Infinite before the achievement would completely update.

With Lone Wolves finally a part of the game, the Medic Achievement got the update that it needed. The challenge can now be unlocked in a couple of easy ways.

Halo Infinite Season 2 - How to unlock the Medic Achievement

Only three revivals are needed for this challenge. (Image via 343 Industries)
Only three revivals are needed for this challenge. (Image via 343 Industries)

The easiest way to unlock the Medic Achievement in Halo Infinite is to utilize the Custom Games option if you have some extra players to invite.

The achievement itself is described as:

"Revive 3 allies in an Attrition/Elimination round in a matchmade or custom game."

Of course, this can be done in a normal matchmaking game, but it can be a tough challenge to get three total revives in a single round.

Steps to use Custom Games and get the Medic Achievement:

  • Open up the Custom Games section of Halo Infinite and select the Mode Editor in the settings.
  • Select the Attrition game mode and modify the health values, so that team damage is possible in the match.
  • In the match, whether you shoot your teammate or an enemy does, you can revive them on three separate occasions within the same round.
  • Using high-powered weapons like a launcher or a sniper will make the process go faster.
  • Once three revivals are done, the Medic Achievement is earned.

Beyond doing a normal revival in Attrition or a Custom Game, there are other modifiers that can be used to make the achievement even easier.

Setting revival timers in Custom Games for Halo Infinite


An even easier way to earn the achievement and get the revives is to set some revival timers in the settings. In general, revives can take some time and are risky to attempt when in a real match. However, if you are in a Custom Game, the process can be made much faster.

Revival timers can go as low as one second, which makes the mechanic nearly instant. Like before, this only needs to be done three times, and another achievement will be marked complete in the full list for Halo Infinite.

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