How to get pieces of the Statue of Regulus in Lost Ark

The Statue of Regulus is missing 25 pieces (Image via YouTube/ZaFrostPet)
The Statue of Regulus is missing 25 pieces (Image via YouTube/ZaFrostPet)
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Smilgate’s MMO Lost Ark features various optional content players can invest their time into. One such activity is locating collectibles in the game.

Players can seek out collectibles on their own, though several will already be found just from playing the game. You can also keep track of what you’ve found through the Adventurer’s Tome.

However, one of the more tedious items to collect is the Statue of Regulus pieces. All 25 are required to complete the broken statue in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark: Where to get pieces of the Statue of Regulus


To get pieces of the Statue of Regulus, you will have to stay on the continent of Rethramis. After all, this is the statue’s place of origin. Only on the continent of Rethramis will the pieces actually drop for players.

Unfortunately, locating pieces of the Statue of Regulus is not a puzzle but rather a game of chance. Pieces of the Statue of Regulus will drop from seemingly random sources, like monsters. More importantly, it does not drop from any specific monsters.


However, it should be mentioned that pieces of the Statue of Regulus can drop in clusters. It is not uncommon to pick up two, three, even five at a time from a single monster. There are two ways players can approach finding every piece: play the game or round up monsters and start defeating them in large quantities.

By simply playing the game, you can also complete other tasks. The Adventurer’s Tome has a plethora of other collectibles to find, like vistas, cooking, dungeons, hidden stories, and monsters. Not to mention story missions, too.

It is a more efficient way of using your time; you will eventually gather every piece.


As for the second option, it is just a matter of finding good places to defeat monsters. Dungeons are a great place, in addition to finding better items to equip. Considering the fact that several can be found in a cluster, it won’t take long before every piece is found in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark will launch on February 11, 2022, in the west, on PC.

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